Oshkosh will be the host of the Milwaukee Bucks’ D-League team, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirmed on Tuesday. The Bucks will officially announce the news on Wednesday at 3:00pm at a press conference.

As the search began in the summer, the Bucks had narrowed down their choices to Oshkosh, Sheboygan and Racine. The one thing these cities all had in common was the fact they were within an hour or two drive of Milwaukee.

“We absolutely, positively will have something ready to go by next fall if we are selected,” Oshkosh leader Greg Pierce told SST in August. “Come hell or high water we will have it done.”

A gallery of preliminary renderings of an arena can be found here.

Finding a good middle ground of proximity and fan area, the Bucks chose Oshkosh. With the Fox Valley area and the UW-Oshkosh campus nearby, the proposed 3,500 fan arena will surely be able to fill seats on a regular basis.

The Bucks are growing and developing in the NBA. Now, they will be able to grow and develop even more talent in the Developmental League with a team of their own.