Well, the masses have spoken, and we’ve reached a final game in the Madison Food Bracket. Tutto Pasta upset the blue chip Old Fashioned in a thrilling matchup. The favorite drunk food of choice, Ian’s Pizza, also upset the beloved dinner Mickie’s Dairy Bar. Your traditional Madison food eater would not have enjoyed the outcome of this year’s Final Four.

But we move on, to the championship round nonetheless.


In this year’s championship, to decide what the best food place in Madison is, will either go to Ian’s Pizza or Tutto Pasta.

Tutto’s has the date night vibe on it’s side, so it should rake up the votes of couples everywhere. But, and this is important in Madison, Ian’s Pizza draws in the drunk, late night masses. They could provide a swing that carries Ian’s to the championship.

Vote below!


Voting ends Friday, April 14th!!!