It’s almost December, so let’s take a look at the top plays in the second half of November.

  1. Thaddeus Young Goes Over Illyasova

Thaddeus Young posturizes Ersan Illysova on this fast break dunk. Illysova looks like he is in position for the block but Young jams it right past Illyasova’s outstretched arm.

  1. Cory Joseph Hits the Game Winner

Down 82-81 to the Wizards, the Raptors pull through at the buzzer. DeMar DeRozan drives to find a wide-open Cory Joseph at the three-point line where he hit the shot as time expired.

  1. Emmanuel Mudiay Displays His Passing Talent

Emmanuel Mudiay channels Jason Williams here with an awesome no-look behind the head pass to set up an easy dunk for Darrell Arthur. Mudiay completely fooled Dirk Nowitzki with the pass.

  1. Gerald Green Flaunts His Jumping Skills

Gerald Green drives to the basket and is able to hang in the air long enough to avoid seven-footer Robin Lopez and hit the ridiculous layup. Green almost hits his head on the backboard and the rim in the process.

  1. Blake Griffin Converts at the End of the Shot Clock

Looking like a game of tips, the Clippers pass the ball around until it reaches Blake Griffin with one second left on the shot clock. Leaping and staying in the air as the pass is thrown to him, Blake Griffin shoots the three pointer after he is already airborne and somehow still makes the shot.

  1. Evan Fournier Lifts Magic Over Timberwolves

Tayhsaun Prince was challenge Evan Fournier to hit the game winner from outside the arc and Fournier did not hesitate. Fournier dribbles twice between his legs then lets it launch to swish the game winner for the Magic.

  1. Dwyane Wade Crosses Langston Galloway

Dwyane Wade shows he is still a playmaker with this nasty crossover on Langston Galloway. Unlike a lot of “ankle breakers” this season, the defender does not step on someone else’s foot to fall over. Wade finishes the highlight by hitting the now open jump shot.

  1. Dwight Howard Slams on Kristaps Porzingis

Dwight Howard welcomes Kristpas Porzingis to the league with this alley-oop. Kristaps fully committed to blocking Howard only to be punished at the rim and dunked over while committing a foul on the play.

  1. Vince Carter Hits the Moon Shot

Vince Carter nails this incredible shot from the free throw line on the opposite side of the court as time was expiring in the first quarter.

  1. LeBron Shows He Is Clutch

LeBron drives as time is expiring and converts on the floater over Brook Lopez for the win. LeBron makes this extremely hard shot look simple and routine.

Photo via CBS Sports.