1. DeAndre Jordan Reverse Ally-Oop

DeAndre Jordan charges to position himself right in front of the basket to arrive at the perfect time for a Paul Pierce lob. It did not matter that Jordan was not facing the basket at the time as he slammed in it behind his head and makes it look easy.

  1. LeBron Displays His Athleticism

LeBron advances the ball up court until Jose Calderon meets him at the three-point line. However, LeBron soon ditches the defender with a smooth spin move. LeBron continues to the basket and his next obstacle is Robin Lopez. At first it seems as though LeBron will get blocked but he acrobatically stays in the air changing the path of the ball until he is able to flip it in.

  1. Harrison Barnes Soars to the Basket

Steph Curry outlets the ball to Harrison Barnes so that he is isolated with Reggie Jackson. Initially it looks like Barnes left the ground too early but he is able to glide all the way to the basket to dunk the ball. Barnes jumped off of one foot from just inside of the free throw line to perform the one handed jam.

  1. Andre Drummond Disregards Nick Young

Nick Young never stood a chance against a driving Andre Drummond. Young attempts to defend Drummond, changes his mind but still stays in the area to get posturized. Some dunks are better left unguarded and this was definitely one of them.


  1. Andrew Wiggins Rises Above the Hawks

Andrew Wiggins catches the ball in the paint, locks and loads his feet and dunks it right over Paul Millsap. Wiggins was way too quick and athletic for Millsap to stop him from scoring.

  1. Chris Bosh Rejects Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward beats Justice Winslow and Josh McRoberts to the paint only to be met by Chris Bosh at the rim. Hayward was going for a full force slam until Bosh decides Hayward can score another time. Bosh fully extends his hand about 5 inches above the rim to convincingly deny Hayward.

  1. Jabari Parker Crosses Kelly Olynyk

First Jabari Parker secures the rebound over Kelly Olynyk but his motion is leading him out of bounds and Parker is about to be trapped by Olynyk. Somewhat surprisingly, Parker crosses the ball between his legs and badly jukes out Olynyk. Olynyk proceeds to fall to the floor as Parker brings the ball up court. Eventually, Parker’s rebound leads to a three pointer, and Olynyk finally recovers from the crossover to get down the court right when the basket is made.


  1. Steph Curry Banks in a Ridiculous Shot

There is officially no shot in basketball that Steph Curry is unable to make. While throwing up the ball trying to draw a foul from way outside the three-point line, Curry somehow puts the ball in off of the backboard. Curry had no intention to make the shot, but remarkably there was no foul called on the play.


  1. Jae Crowder Hits an Illegal Full Court Shot

Even though this shot did not count, it was still incredible. Jae Crowder miraculously banks in a full court shot from an inbounds pass.

  1. Kristaps Porzingis With Another Putback Dunk

Kristaps Porzingis has been dunking like this all season and he is proving many doubters on draft day wrong with his abilities. This dunk was over three Raptors defenders who had no chance of stopping a flying Porzingis.

Photo taken by Tom Szczerbowski (USA TODAY Sports).