Gopín’s Treinta: MLB Power Rankings Week 18

Toronto Blue Jays' Troy Tulowitzki bats lead-off during first inning MLB interleague baseball action against the Philadelphia Phillies in Toronto on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese
The Blue Jays are 11-0 when Tulowitzki is in the starting lineup since he arrived. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese)

1. St. Louis Cardinals (71-40, Last Week-1): The pitching continues to be fantastic as they have only allowed 2.87 runs per game.

2. Kansas City Royals (66-44, Last Week-2): The only team other than the Cardinals to have a winning percentage of .600 or more. They have been the only A.L. team to not go into an extended slump.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates (65-44, Last Week-5): Showed that they are one of baseball’s top teams after sweeping the Dodgers even though they are five games out of first.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (62-49, Last Week-3): Even though they were swept, they have a shot to have a strong week with Washington and Cincinnati at home for seven games.

5. Toronto Blue Jays (61-52, Last Week-7): They are yet to lose when Tulowitzki is in the lineup, and after sweeping the Yankees, they are only 1.5 games back.

6. Chicago Cubs (62-48, Last Week-9): Kyle Schwarber has been fantastic and has helped the Cubs complete a big four-game sweep of the Giants. They are now leading the second wild card spot by 3.5 games.

7. New York Yankees (61-49, Last Week-6): Just a week ago they were six games ahead of the Blue Jays, but after failing to take advantage of separating themselves from the rest of the division, they only lead by 1.5 games.

8. Houston Astros (61-52, Last Week-4): Continue to struggle on the road, and they have not won a road series since a two game series in Colorado in mid-June.

9. New York Mets (59-52, Last Week-10): Lost two winnable games in Tampa, but it’s okay as they’re surprisingly leading the division by 1.5 games.

10. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (59-51, Last Week-12): Big series win in against the Orioles as it helps them gain a game on them in the wild card race.

11. San Francisco Giants (59-52, Last Week-8): They are in bad shape after getting swept by the Cubs, but they have MadBum pitching on Tuesday against the struggling Astros, which could help turn them around.

12. Washington Nationals (57-53, Last Week-11): Not an easy stretch coming up as they have a 10-game road trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Colorado.

13. Baltimore Orioles (56-54, Last Week-13): If they want to remain in the race, they must take advantage of some easier games against Seattle and Oakland.

14. Tampa Bay Rays (56-56, Last Week-15): If only they did not have one of the worst offenses in the A.L., they would be in contention for the division, as they are 14th in the A.L. in runs scored.

15. Texas Rangers (55-55, Last Week-16): Very winnable series against the Twins coming up because the teams have been going in opposite directions, as the Rangers have been hot while the Twins have blown a great start of the season.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks (54-56, Last Week-18): Ender Inciarte has shown he can maintain a high batting average with a .296 average at this time, which is good for a speedy guy.

17. Detroit Tigers (54-57, Last Week-19): They desperately need Verlander to improve a bit as his ERA is over 4.50.

18. Minnesota Twins (55-56, Last Week-14): It is a shame how fast they have fallen because coming into this week they were leading the second wild card spot and are now behind four other teams for a playoff spot.

19. Chicago White Sox (51-58, Last Week-17): Probably should have sold at the deadline as they haven’t taken a big enough step forward to compete.

20. Seattle Mariners (52-60, Last Week-22): Cano has been much more productive over his last 30 games with a slash line of .300/.385/.566 and seven home runs, but it is too late of a turnaround as this season is already lost.

21. Cleveland Indians (51-59, Last Week-21): Disappointing seasons from Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher are reasons why they have struggled and they traded them to Atlanta to free up some money. Not the way the Indians predicted August would be after high expectations coming into the season.

22. Oakland A’s (51-62, Last Week-23): Even though they trade starting pitching almost every year, they always have new guys come up and pitch well and it’s happening again this year with Chris Bassitt who has an ERA of 2.48 and a WHIP of 1.05 in 12 games (7 starts).

23. San Diego Padres (52-60, Last Week-20): It is obvious it was a mistake on their part in not selling at the deadline, as they are 10.5 games out of a playoff spot.

24. Atalanta Braves (51-61, Last Week-24): Despite having a 3.16 ERA, Shelby Miller is 0-8 in his last 15 starts. This proves why win-loss records are not useful.

25. Cincinnati Reds (49-60, Last Week-26): Joey Votto is having a great season and no one is talking about it. He has a slash line of .303/.435/.521 and more walks than striekouts.

26. Boston Red Sox (50-62, Last Week-25): Henry Owens has been decent in his first two major leage starts with an ERA of 3.60 against two strong offenses in New York and Detroit.

27. Milwaukee Brewers (48-65, Last Week-27): Francisco Rodriguez has been one of the best closers in baseball this season with no blown saves, an ERA of 1.37, and a WHIP of 0.76.

28. Colorado Rockies (47-62, Last Week-28): They have scored the most runs in the NL, but they have given up the most in baseball and as a result are one of baseball’s worst teams. I know there is the excuse of high altitude, but they play half of their games away from Denver and should be able to pitch much better.

29. Philadelphia Phillies (45-67, Last Week-30): They climb out the last spot for the first time in awhile, but it is well deserved because they have gone 16-5 since the All-Star Break.

30. Miami Marlins (44-68, Last Week-29): They are now the worst team in baseball and look to lose Jose Fernandez to injury again.


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