The 2015 Badger Football Checklist

With Alabama-Wisconsin only 31 days away, here’s a checklist/guide for all Wisconsin student football fans for the 2015 season.

ATTEND or WATCH* September 5, 2015: Alabama-Wisconsin (7:00 PM CT – Arlington, TX)

√ STAY for at least one Fifth Quarter at a home game

ATTEND September 12, 2015: Miami (OH)-Wisconsin (11:00 AM CT – Madison, WI)

√ ATTEND Wisconsin’s official football pregame Badgerville at least once

√ ATTEND September 19, 2015: Troy-Wisconsin (2:30 PM CT – Madison, WI)

 TAKE A SELFIE with Bucky the Badger at every Badgers home game

ATTEND September 26, 2015: Hawai’i-Wisconsin (7:00 PM CT – Madison, WI)

√ SIT in a different section (upper J, K, L, M, N, O, or P) for the seven home games

ATTEND October 3, 2015: Iowa-Wisconsin (TBA – Madison, WI)

√ WIN the section race before Jump Around at least once

ATTEND or WATCH* October 10, 2015: Wisconsin-Nebraska (TBA – Lincoln, NE)

√ EAT breakfast at Mickie’s Dairy Bar before one game

ATTEND October 17, 2015: Purdue-Wisconsin (11:00 AM CT – Madison, WI)

√ ATTEND or WATCH* at least one game with your family in Madison

ATTEND or WATCH* October 24, 2015: Wisconsin-Illinois (2:30 PM CT – Champaign, IL)

√ EAT a breakfast sandwich at MacTaggart’s before one game

ATTEND October 31, 2015: Rutgers-Wisconsin (TBA – Madison, WI)

√ BOW DOWN to Barry Alvarez every time he is showed on the jumbotron

ATTEND or WATCH* November 7, 2015: Wisconsin-Maryland (2:30 PM CT – College Park, MD)

√ COUNT every single one of Bucky’s pushups

ATTEND November 21, 2015: Northwestern-Wisconsin (TBA – Madison, WI)

√ YELL that you want more [healthy choices], that you want to be a Badger by the bright shining light of the [mother bucking] moon, that the ref [bucked up], and tell your fellow Badgers to [eat chips!] and [fondue!]

ATTEND or WATCH* November 28, 2015: Wisconsin-Minnesota (TBA – Minneapolis, MN)

√ SING “Sweet Caroline” and “Buttercup” with all of your heart at every home game

ATTEND or WATCH* December 5, 2015: B1G Championship if the Badgers win the West (Indianapolis, IN)

√ SING Varsity at every game, holding the people next to you even if you do not know them

ATTEND or WATCH* December 2015/January 2016: Bowl game (dates and times TBA)

√ JUMP AROUND before every fourth quarter, no matter where you are

* Recommended places to watch: Memorial Union, Union South, Chaser’s, Kollege Klub, State Street Brats, Wando’s, Jordan’s Big 10 Pub, The Echo Tap, and more!

All images linked, except featured image linked here.

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