As fantasy football season rapidly approaches, it’s about time you started to finalize your draft strategy. More than anything, you should be searching for value with every pick you make. Every good draft involves finding value with your picks in the later rounds, also known as sleepers. Hit a homerun on one sleeper, and you could be the one writing this article next year. A sleeper is essentially a player that is undervalued by the rest of your league. I’d like to take a moment again to say that if you’re in any of my fantasy leagues, this would be the time to stop reading.

This list is by no means all-inclusive; there’s a number of sleepers to be had, and these are just a few of the players I think will be undervalued in your draft. There are plenty of other similar articles on the web. Take some time, do your research and the rest will fall into place.

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Joseph Randle/Darren McFadden

Odds are that if you play in a competitive league, by now it’s no secret that Dallas running backs are coveted. They play behind the best offensive line in the league, and if you had DeMarco Murray last season, you understand the benefits that can be reaped from running behind such an O-line. So the rest of your league is probably already aware of Joseph Randle and his “sleeper” value. But, what if he’s not the more valuable pick in the Cowboys’ backfield? I think that DMC still has a lot to offer, if he can stay healthy; which, I understand, is a big if. But if Randle is the starter, then DMC is absolutely worth a late-round flier. And it’s worth mentioning that there is no better offensive line equipped to keep DMC healthy. So whoever the backup ends up being in Dallas is worth a shot.

Brandon LaFell

LaFell rode a hot performance during the second half of last season and finished as the 23rd best wide receiver. And yet, he is projected to be a back-end wide receiver three (WR3) this year. To me, that already sounds like he’s undervalued. But even as the third option in the New England passing game, there is a lot to like here. For one, his second half explosion last year could just be a product of getting used to the system in New England; he and Brady had clear chemistry once they both had time to gel. Add that to the fact that Shane Vereen has left, and there should be plenty of targets to be had for LaFell. I also have a feeling that Brady will be trying to silence a lot of the haters after his four-game suspension was upheld, which bodes well for LaFell’s value. Overall, there’s a lot to like here, and nobody seems to be talking about LaFell.

Davante Adams

In case you hadn’t heard, the Packers are pretty good at offense. Actually, they’re really good. Coming off a great season commanded by two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, the offense in Green Bay has the potential to be historically good this upcoming season. With two elite receivers in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, and Eddie Lacy bulldozing out of the backfield, opposing defenses simply don’t have the resources to try and stop anyone else. Enter Davante Adams, who should be able to feast on the remaining scraps of defenses after having a year to improve off a solid rookie season. Even last year as a rookie, he torched the Patriots to the tune of 6 catches for 121 yards, showing flashes of his tantalizing potential. Mike McCarthy also praised Adams this offseason, calling him the MVP of OTAs. It’s possible your league undervalues a number three wideout; take advantage of it.

Marvin Jones

Jones broke out two seasons ago before being sidelined all of last year with a foot injury. Falling off the fantasy map can only mean good things for your draft strategy; most people have probably forgotten about Jones’ breakout. He’s currently the 53rd projected WR on Yahoo!, but he could easily put up WR3 numbers like he did two seasons ago. With all of the extra attention that AJ Green is sure to receive, Jones could be ready for another 10-touchdown season.

Joe Flacco

Flacco is by no means an unknown name in the football world. But even for being a high-paid, high-profile quarterback in a league full of them, Flacco’s fantasy numbers are often rather middling. That could change, however, with the addition of offensive coordinator Marc Trestman in Baltimore. Trestman, known as a quarterback guru, helped engineer high-powered offenses behind the arms of Jay Cutler and, believe it or not, Josh McCown. Flacco is a proven winner with a fantastic arm, and he finally has the right system to pair with a solid running game. He also has two rookies in Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams who are talented albeit raw. Flacco’s mediocre fantasy reputation should mean he is significantly undervalued this year. At the very least, he should be a more then capable backup quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill

You may not realize this, but the oft-mocked Tannehill actually managed to finish as the 8th best fantasy quarterback last year. He’s currently projected as the 12th overall quarterback this season, which already sounds like he’s being undervalued. Tannechill is one of the few consistent dual-threat quarterbacks who can both run and pass, an increasingly valuable asset in the fantasy world. With the addition of Jordan Cameron, Kenny Stills and enticing rookie Devante Parker, another top-eight finish could very well be in the cards for Miami’s young quarterback.

Owen Daniels

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of value to be had with this year’s tight end crop. Outside of the top five or so tight ends, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess how the rest of the order ends up. It makes sense, then, to try and wait and find value later while everyone else is scrambling to fill out the rest of their rosters. Daniels seems like the perfect candidate for such a strategy. He’s as consistent as the come, a known commodity with good hands who runs crisp routes. He had a solid season last year even in a mediocre offense, and he should be in line for much better numbers with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. I wouldn’t expect Julius Thomas-like production, but Daniels feels undervalued as a fringe TE1.

Tevin Coleman

Last year may have been the year of the rookie wide receiver, but this year that title could very well belong to the running backs. Headlined by Todd Gurley and Wisconsin product Melvin Gordon, this year’s talented crop should be on your drafting radar, especially where sleepers are concerned. Coleman hasn’t gotten the same fanfare as some of his classmates, but he could be ready to have a huge season nonetheless. He’s in a good situation in Atlanta, where new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will make it a priority to establish a good running game. With only Devonta Freeman as his competition, I predict that Coleman will be getting the majority of the carries by week three. From there, the rewards could be astonishing for the talented runner out of Indiana.