MADISON – The student section tickets for the Wisconsin Badgers’ football team sold out on Monday morning for the 25th consecutive season. Tickets went on sale Monday at 7:30 a.m. and had sold out by 11:30 a.m. Roughly 14,000 seats are available for UW-Madison students, and undergraduate tickets go on sale before graduate students are eligible.

Tickets are sold through the website. In past years, the UW Athletic Department has used a random interface to let students enter off the waiting page and receive their tickets. The department used a new system this year where students can keep track of what order in the lineup they are by seeing how many others are on the waitlist before them. In addition, the university paused the website periodically to prevent site crashes, a very common feature of past season ticket buying cycles, and to keep the process as smooth as possible. Students were given a time limit of 10 minutes once on the site to purchase their tickets and move on.

Even though these precautions were put in place, the site still faced technical difficulties. Some students said once they entered the site to buy their tickets, the website kicked them out and sent them back to the waiting page, behind thousands of other students on the waitlist. Many students became frustrated because the process seemed slower than usual. Students took to Twitter to express their frustrations.

“It was a very slow process, been waiting three hours and went from the 9000s to the 3000s,” student Brendan Kielczewski said. “Been hearing others having trouble signing in.”

Ariana Baldassano said, “Some of my friends have moved up thousands and have gotten in [to the site] twice and put back in the line before me while I’ve been stuck in the 20,000s.”

The UW Athletic Department issued a statement after the sale to address students’ concerns.

“Today’s ticket sales process did not move as quickly as desired and did not meet our expectations. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused,” the statement read. “We are actively working with our ticket software provider on ways to improve future on sale efforts.”

“The dedication of the student section and energy they bring to each game is a big part of what makes the atmosphere at Camp Randall Stadium so special. We truly value your support of the Badgers.”

The Badgers host seven home games in Camp Randall in 2017. They will face Utah State, Florida Atlantic, Northwestern, Purdue, Maryland, Iowa and Michigan at home. With the Badgers’ preseason ranking of No. 10, many students and fans are looking forward to another season of Badger football.

Although the process was stressful, those that received tickets can breathe a sigh of relief and wait in anticipation for another exciting year in Camp Randall.

Paige Walters, a junior, said, “It was more stressful than getting tickets to any concert, but so worth it.”