Top Ten Plays of the 2014-2015 NBA Season

With the 2015-2016 NBA season less than a week away, I pick the top ten plays of last season.

10. Khris Middelton Buzzer Beater

To even allow for the buzzer beater to happen, Jerryd Bayless won the jump ball against Michael Beasley, who is inches inches taller than Bayless. After Bayless missed a game-tying layup, Zaza Pachulia made a spectacular save to keep the ball in-bounds. After barely keeping his feet off the out of bounds line, Pachulia passed it spot on to Khris Middleton who was in perfect position to hit the game winning three.

9. Stephen Curry Embarrasses Chris Paul

Steph Curry uses his superior basketball instincts to dribble through the lane instead of shooting a  layup that would have most likely been blocked by DeAndre Jordan. This puts Curry in an advantageous position against Chris Paul who had been trailing Curry the entire play. Curry then dribbles behind his back as if he was about to cut back to the basket, but changes direction on a dime and does another behind the back dribble to force Paul to lose his balance. Paul subsequently fell to the floor as Curry swished the now uncontested shot.

8. James Ennis Obliterates Rasual Butler

On a fast break pass from Mario Chalmers, James Ennis lifts off from just outside the paint to elevate above Rasual Butler and forcibly dunk the ball. Ennis fully cocks back his arm and finishes the monster dunk despite being fouled by Butler.

7. Curry Finds Harden with Two Unbelievable Passes in All-Star Game

The All-Star Game is always full of great plays, but two passes from Curry stood out. In the first, Curry got the offensive rebound and passed the ball behind his back while dribbling away from the basket to the driving Harden for the slam. In the second, Curry throws an alley-oop behind his head as Harden comes driving down the lane.

6. Anthony Davis Game-Winning Three-Pointer

Anothony Davis catches the ball double-covered with 1.2 seconds left and a chance to win the game. He first pump fakes to avoid getting blocked by Kevin Durant, who has one of the longest wingspans in the NBA. Davis then stays in the air long enough to lift his arms to avoid getting blocked by the second defender Andre Roberson. This shot was the reason the Pelicans made the playoffs over the Thunder. Davis finished the game with 41 points and 10 rebounds.

5. Stephen Curry Runs Around the Clippers

After Andrew Bogut sets a pick and passes the ball to Steph Curry, there are four defenders surrounding Curry with seemingly no where to go. Curry immediately crosses over Matt Barnes, and then dribbles between his legs and behind his back to shake Chris Paul. Following those moves, Curry retreats back to the three point line, spots up on Paul and drains the three pointer to complete the highlight.

4. Jeff Green Exterminates Kevin Seraphin

Jeff Green first gets Kris Humphries to bite on his pump fake then drives to the basket to eradicate a fully extended Kevin Seraphin.

3. Paul Pierce “Calls Game”

Paul Pierce turned back the clock to bank in a buzzer beater with three defenders guarding him. Pierce was trapped at the top of the key with nowhere to go until he steps back and launches the ball. This shot would be considered lucky for some players, but Pierce has connected on this shot so many times that he had no doubt he would sink it for the win. Pierce responded to Chris Brossard asking if he called bank by pronouncing, “I called GAME.”

2. LeBron Beats the Bulls

At first David Blatt drew up a play with LeBron James taking the ball out, but James responded with “give me the ball and get out of the way.” With that mindset, there was no way LeBron was going to miss this game winner against the Bulls. LeBron was way too quick for Jimmy Butler and created easy separation giving him time and space to hit the shot.

1. Zach LaVine makes Dr. J Speechless

Zach LaVine rises up in the dunk contest with a between the legs reverse dunk, making it look easy. This dunk scored a perfect of 50 and stunned the judges, which included Julius Erving, Clyde Frazier Nate Archibald, Bernard King and Chris Mullin. LaVine went on to win the 2015 Slam Dunk Contest.

Sources: NBA’s YouTube Channel

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