Gopín’s Treinta: MLB Power Rankings Week 11

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.57.11 AM1. St. Louis Cardinals (45-24, Last Week-1): I was going to put St. Louis Astros but it looked to weird and the Astros name doesn’t deserve to be put next to the name of the vile city that is known as St. Louis.

2. Kansas City Royals (39-27, Last Week-4): Its amazing that they are the A.L.’s best team with a rotation including Edinson Volquez, Jeremy Guthrie, Chris Young, and Joe Blanton.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates (39-30, Last Week-3): Gregory Polanco hasn’t been as productive offensively as they had hoped, but he is contributing on the bases with 17 stolen bases.

4. Houston Astros (41-30, Last Week-5): Still waiting on Altuve to get back from the hamstring injury he suffered last week, but he may start tonight in Anaheim for a big series.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers (39-31, Last Week-2): They need to get on a winning streak as they have been pretty mediocre since mid-May, going 17-21 after starting 22-10

6. Tampa Bay Rays (40-31, Last Week-8): That they are in first place with injuries to Odorizzi, Cobb, Moore, and Smyly just shows how impressive Tampa has been this season.

7. New York Yankees (38-31, Last Week-6): Tanaka got shelled yesterday and everytime that happens the questions about his health will pop up.

8. Chicago Cubs (37-30, Last Week-10): Would be in the playoffs if the season ended today and when they add Kyle Schwarber to the lineup to stay it will be another boost to an already powerful lineup.

9. San Francisco Giants (38-33, Last Week-7): They have got to start winning at home because being under .500 will not get them to October.

10. Washington Nationals (37-33, Last Week-13): Showed how good they can be if they play as well as they can with a sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates who were on a roll before playing the Nationals.

11. Baltimore Orioles (36-33, Last Week-17): They are really going to need Bud Norris to get back to where he was last year because an ERA over 7.50 is not going to cut it.

12. Toronto Blue Jays (37-34, Last Week-9): Homer prone pitcher Marco Estrada is surviving in Toronto and is actually one of their best pitchers this season with an ERA under four.

13. Texas Rangers (37-33, Last Week-11): I do not think that their rotation of Yovani Gallardo, Colby Lewis, Wandy Rodriguez, Nick Martinez, and Chi Chi Gonzalez will be able to keep them in contention deep into the summer.

14. Minnesota Twins (37-32, Last Week-12): Byron Buxton hasn’t gotten off to a good start going 3 for 25, but his speed has impacted a few games already.

15. Detroit Tigers (35-34, Last Week-15): J.D. Martinez hit three home runs yesterday and Victor Martinez is back, so if they can get those two hitting well at the same time, then they will be back up with the Royals.

16. New York Mets (36-35, Last Week-14): The offense continues to disappoint as they wasted a great Harvey start, losing 1-0, extending a five-game losing streak.

17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (35-35, Last Week-16): Pujols has been on fire over his last 30 games with 14 home runs and an OPS over 1.100.

18. Atlanta Braves (35-35, Last Week-20): Added another pitching prospect in what looked like a great trade for the Braves and head scratcher for the Diamondbacks.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (34-35, Last Week-21): Brad Ziegler has been strong in the closer’s role getting seven saves in his last seven games.

20. San Diego Padres (34-38, Last Week-18): Firing Bud Black is not going to solve the problems in San Diego, but it makes sense that A.J. Preller wants his guy managing his flawed team.

21. Cleveland Indians (32-36, Last Week-19): Looks like they have found their new number five starter in Cody Anderson who pitched 7.2 shutout innings in his MLB debut.

22. Seattle Mariners (32-38, Last Week-23): Nelson Cruz hit his first home run this weekend since May and they better hope he starts hitting them again as they continue to stay under .500.

23. Cincinnati Reds (32-36, Last Week-25): They are going to have to pay a lot to keep Todd Frazier long-term, but trading him now would get them a haul of prospects.

24. Chicago White Sox (30-38, Last Week-22): Only three players with OPSs over .700, which is why they have been so bad this year.

25. Oakland A’s (31-41, Last Week-28): If you go by their Pythagorean Record they would be only a half-game behind first, but because of an 0-6 extra inning record and a 6-18 one-run game record, they are one the worst teams in baseball.

26. Boston Red Sox (31-40, Last Week-26): Other than one bad start, Eduardo Rodriguez has been fantastic for their rotation.

27. Miami Marlins (30-41, Last Week-27): The struggles of Mat Latos have been a big reason in why they have underperformed their expectations this season.

28. Colorado Rockies (30-39, Last Week-24): The pitching is so bad and you have got to wonder when they will develop another pitcher because no one has stepped up since Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa came.

29. Milwaukee Brewers (25-46, Last Week-29): The losing continues and the trade interest for Lohse is dwindling as his ERA is now 6.30.

30. Philadelphia Phillies (24-47, Last Week-30): Got their first win for a starting pitcher in almost a month. That just shows how bad they have been this season.


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