Bucks Block Party and Jersey Reveal Put Finishing Touches on a Year of Transformation

Jabari and Giannis dressed in the new uniforms

They’re clean. They’re crisp. They’re unique. Most importantly: they’re ours. At the Milwaukee Bucks Summer Block Party on this past Saturday, June 6th, about a month and a half after they released the new logos and colors, the Bucks released the new home and away jerseys for the 2015-2016 NBA season. Approximately 10,000 were in attendance to see what the pros will sport when they take the court next season in Milwaukee. The event was filled with food, drinks, laughter, and a uniform sense of pride in our team and the city of Milwaukee. “Fear The Deer” seemed to be the theme of the day, as fans’ voices echoed this call numerous times throughout the day. The weather was perfect, and the events of the day culminated to create a day that Bucks fans in Milwaukee will remember forever.

Recap of the Block Party:

Before we talk about the specifics of the new jerseys, as well as discuss my thoughts on said jerseys, we should look back at one of the most amazing community events put on by the Milwaukee Bucks in recent history.

Thousands of fans gather at the Bucks Block party

The day began at noon, and fans began to file in from all directions. The sun was shining, and the smell of food from a variety of food stands and food trucks filled the air. The Schlitz Park grounds had become the site of a block party filled with an amazing fans, current and former players, members of the new management team as well as members from Bucks entertainment teams, and a great deal of suspense felt by all as everyone awaited the reveal of the new uniforms. The parking lots were filled Bucks Pro Shop stands, pop-a-shot areas, a dunk tank, face-painting stations, various food and drink vendors, a sport-court, and of course, the main stage where players and other leaders in the organization gave a variety of speeches throughout the day. Many local musical artists also took the stage throughout the day and provided fans with a variety of sounds to accompany them while taking part in the event.

In many fans’ opinions, other than the jersey reveal itself, the most fun part of the party took place at the sport-court. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, John Henson, and Damien Inglis took part in many games of lightning with fans throughout the day. Hundreds of fans had the opportunity to try to knock out some of the Bucks most brilliant young players in the popular playground basketball game. Though the games were all in good fun, they did get pretty intense at times. On numerous occasions, Giannis threw down some crazy dunks, as well as blocked a few shots in emphatic fashion, all while wearing black jeans, a collared shirt, and a jacket. Even Jabari threw down a few good dunks during the display, which was a good sight for Bucks fans to see, since most hadn’t seen Parker in any sort of physical engagement since his injury last December.

Also, just to be clear, Giannis was not so laser-focused on winning games of lightning that he just blocked kids left and right so he could be crowned the lightning king (though, let’s be honest, he might be impossible to beat if playing in a competitive setting). It was all in good fun, and the participants and crowd were smiling and laughing throughout the display of athleticism and youth. We all have to remember that Giannis, as well as Jabari and Damien Inglis, are just 20 years old, and they want to have fun, too.

At about 2:00 p.m., Giannis and Jabari took the stage (joined by John Henson a few minutes later) and talked a little bit about what it was like to be in Milwaukee and what they had been doing during the summer. They talked about the future and discussed how excited they were about next season. After a few minutes of the youngsters talking, Bucks President Peter Feigin took the mic from the top of a building on the east side of campus and asked the fans if they were “ready to see the future.” The crowd roared, and a picture of Jabari and Giannis was dropped from the building. Confetti rained down, music played, and deafening cheers accompanied the sight of the finishing touches on a 13-month transformation process that put Milwaukee back on the map.

After the reveal of the jerseys, the festivities continued. Music played, fans mingled, Coach Kidd made an appearance, and the games of lightning continued. New gear was beginning to flood the festival, and a sea of green and cream had formed. Everybody seemed energized, and it felt as if new life and been given to the city. A rejuvenation of our team’s culture was complete.

Explanation of the New Jerseys:

Bucks 2015-2016 Road Uniform
Bucks 2015-2016 Home Uniform

The new home jerseys are white with green letters and numbers. The away jerseys are green with white letters and numbers. The font on the jerseys (home and road) is custom-created from the Bucks new font that can be seen throughout the new logos. The collar is green on the home jerseys, and cream on the road jerseys, with blue lining, representing the blue-collar work ethic of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and the Bucks. The new “M” that is part of the new logos is present on the outside crest of the collar. The side of the jerseys contains the new “Cream City Rainbow” consisting of green, cream, white, and a blue stripe. The pattern showcases the new colors of the Bucks as well as pays tribute to the “Irish Rainbow” that was stitched in the side of the Bucks jerseys from ’77 to ’93. A “FEAR THE DEER” tag is placed at the bottom of the jersey to remind the players of the attitude they must have when they take the floor. The shorts contain an “M” in the negative space, which is another mark taken from the new logo series.

For the first time since 1977, “MILWAUKEE” will be displayed on the front of the road jerseys. This is to finally bring our city back into the light when representing on the road. Another important feature of the jersey is the gold championship tab that is present on all jerseys for teams that have won an NBA championship. Milwaukee is one of 16 teams that have this honor. The bucks won their only championship back in 1971, but are hopeful that this doesn’t stay the case for too long.

My Thoughts:

I have very concise thoughts on the new jerseys. I love them. They are very professional looking, and pay homage to the city of Milwaukee. I have an extreme amount of pride and love for this team, as well as the city of Milwaukee, and it is amazing to have jerseys that reflect more than just colors that look cool. Until now, my favorite Bucks jerseys were the road jerseys worn from 1986 until 1993, which contained the unique “Irish Rainbow” on the side. These new jerseys are, in some ways, a new version of those classic jerseys.

Ricky Pierce in the
Ricky Pierce in the “Irish Rainbow” jerseys used from ’86 – ’93

The new uniforms are the visual symbol of the new era of basketball in Milwaukee. The Bucks have gone from being the worst team in the league a season ago to becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout the league. The defense is scary. The grit and willpower is scary. The potential is scary. With Jabari coming back, a full summer working together, and a fresh start, I wouldn’t be surprised with much greater success next season after a 26-win improvement this past season. Milwaukee is back on the map, and we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

–Fear the Deer



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