The Green Bay Packers will be debuting their all-white Color Rush jerseys in their Week 7 divisional matchup with the Bears.

Most Packers fans will recognize the jersey as the normal white away one, but the twist lies in the white pants. Normally, the team wears yellow pants on the road.

The Packers opted not to participate in the Color Rush jerseys last season, when teams wore them as alternates for Thursday night games. However, this season the NFL imposed a mandatory rule of wearing one Color Rush uniform if playing on Thursday night.

The matchup against the Bears, who will be wearing all-navy, will be the Packers’ only use of the alternate jerseys, as the team has decided against donning the all-white look for their Thursday night game against the Lions.

Last season, some viewers had issues distinguishing teams due to color blindness, but the NFL and Nike worked with the medical staff from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to ensure that such difficulties would not arise this year.

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