There’s truly nothing like fantasy football in the world of sports – no other phenomena has been so popular as to create it’s own TV show (“The League”). As many of our followers, writers and sports fans across the world begin to draft their teams for the 2016 season, we decided to publish another list of our top 50 fantasy team names. Without further adieu…

The Rookies

  1. Goff Balls
  2. All About That Bosa
  3. From Wentz You Came

The Classics

  1. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
  2. Mike Vick In A Box
  3. Favre Dollar Footlong
  4. Make It Wayne
  5. Brees Nutz
  6. Romosexual Tendencies
  7. God Hates Jags
  8. It Ertz When Eifert
  9. Peeping Tomlinson
  10. What Would Jones Drew?

The Rest

  1. Bros Before Shiancoes
  2. Just Gurley Things
  3. Turn Down For Watt
  4. Forte Year Old Virgin
  5. Pounding Fortes
  6. Odell No …
  7. … Manziel Yeah
  8. OBJYN
  9. Bend It Like Beckham Jr.
  10. The Big Gronkowski
  11. Gronk If You’re Horny
  12. Saved By The Bell
  13. Kearse Words
  14. Game of Jones
  15. Super Mariota
  16. The Fighting Deflators
  17. Kung Suh Panda
  18. Brady Gaga
  19. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
  20. Abdullah Oblongata
  21. Waka Flacco Flame
  22. Stafford Infection
  23. Golden Tate Warriors
  24. The Christian Ponders
  25. White Welkers
  26. Suit and T.Y.
  27. Pass The Blount
  28. Better Call Montee Ball
  29. Hakuna MaNgata (or, HaKuhnA Matata)
  30. Joiquing Off
  31. The Other A-Rod
  32. I’m Thinking RB’s
  33. With Or Without Suh
  34. Master Deflater
  35. Pumped Up Nicks
  36. Irritable Bowe Syndrome
  37. Jay Marriage

Photo courtesy of Reddit.

Names thanks to Athlon Sports, Dr. Odd, Fantasy Football Calculator, and