A Plea to Wisconsin: Build It

Dear Wisconsin,

I have lived in the same house my whole life in southeastern Wisconsin. I was an avid sports fan from an early age, watching every Badgers, Bucks, Brewers, and Packers game with my Wisconsin family. Playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis was an important part of my childhood. Only a few months ago, I started this website because of my love for Wisconsin sports. I have attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the past three years, and I live only a few blocks from our state Capitol. And, I cannot imagine losing the Milwaukee Bucks because our state legislators do not see the impact and benefit of keeping the franchise here.

The only time I can remember the Bucks actually being relevant in the NBA was when they went to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001-02. There has not been this much buzz around the Bucks in years, as Milwaukee has always been the laughing stock of the league for much of the past decade. Thankfully, the new ownership, management, coaching staff, and players have made this team relevant for years to come. Bucks fans have been waiting a long time for our team to shape into what it is today, grinding out some terrible seasons, horrible draft picks, and poor team management. With future stars in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker and landing Greg Monroe, a big name free agent who picked the Bucks over teams in New York and Los Angeles, Milwaukee is back on the NBA map.

Let me clarify something: Private investors are not threatening our people and our legislators; the NBA will be taking this team back because our arena will not meet the NBA’s specifications by year 2017. We will lose this team because the NBA will buy the team back, make a profit (yes, a big business will still benefit millions of dollars if we lose this team), and sell it to another geographic area in the country.

Sure, we may have one of the smallest markets in the league and this bill is not cheap; but, the revenue this stadium will bring to our state and the city of Milwaukee, and more importantly the support our franchise needs to move forward, is worth it.  This bill was taken out of the state budget for a reason: for Wisconsin legislators to focus more on the details of the proposal. We need leaders on both sides of the aisle to rally their parties to pass this bill. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele need to spread their support to their party’s senators, as does Governor Scott Walker. Just because you are upset at the state budget cutting $300 million of education or you do not support union workers, do not vote against this bill because of other political issues. Take the time to consider what you are voting for or against, and realize that this bill makes economic sense despite its initial cost, as explained by our own Adam Ziv-el and other sources around the state.

And, people of Wisconsin, we can make a difference too. Call your legislators! Tell them how you feel. Those that are undecided want to hear more from the public. Go to http://www.legis.wisconsin.gov/ and “Find My Legislators” and make the call expressing your support.

It would be a damn shame to see our state lose one of only 30 NBA teams, the most watched basketball league in the world. It is a privilege to be able to have one of these teams in our state, something only 22 states and the city of Toronto can say.

Save Our Bucks, because we will regret losing them and watching the Seattle Supersonics win the 2018 NBA Finals.


Zachary Rosen
Wisconsin Citizen

Image via Tom Dickerson


2 thoughts on “A Plea to Wisconsin: Build It

  1. I have grown up in Milwaukee as an “all-in” Wisconsin sports fan too. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I saw Giannis and Jabari playing for a title in another city. However, I am also now a Milwaukee home owner and this tax is creating a lot of concerns for me. If you get a chance please read these two articles about how little of a benefit a new stadium actually is to the residents of the city. The real winners are the owners of the franchise. Again, I would love to see the Bucks stay here, but at who’s expense is it really?




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