SST’s NBA Draft Live Blog

Throughout the NBA Draft tonight, our writers will have a live draft, updated every five minutes. Enjoy!

Trevor “Timberwolves Sufferer” Mann  (Every moment until the ‘Wolves pick): If Minnesota doesn’t pick Karl – Anthony Towns, I will literally vomit.

Trevor “Timberwolves Sufferer” Mann (4:27 PM): I understand why the ‘Wolves wouldn’t promise the #1 pick to Towns, but he is the obvious fit and choice.

Zach Rosen (4:58 PM): We would love to see you vomit, but I think your garbage can is safe tonight, T-Mann.

Zach Rosen (5:09 PM): Chris Broussard (Tyronn Lue look-a-like) is saying Knicks will draft Mudiay if they keep the pick, but wanted to trade back for Kaminsky. They’ll never be happy in New York. It’s pretty obvious that the Lakers’ decision at #2 will impact the rest of the Draft right away and anything can happen.

Zach Rosen (5:32 PM): Russell is probably going to the Lakers, says Chad Ford. Interesting to see what 76ers do next. Knicks hoping for Okafor.

Zach Rosen (5:44 PM): Players that could be on the move tonight: DeMarcus Cousins, David Lee, Eric Bledsoe, Terrence Jones, and of course Luke Ridnour.

Zach Rosen (6:08 PM): Brian Windhorst, Sam Cherny’s favorite reporter, has reported that the Timberwolves will indeed select Towns #1 overall. No surprise there.

Sam Cherny (6:21 PM): Interested to see who Vivek Ranadive and the Sacramento Kings decide to add to their cherry picking offense today.

Nathan Cera (6:22 PM): ‘Sota is pumped for Karl.


Zach Rosen (6:32 PM): Man, Adam Silver is beautiful.

Zach Rosen (6:38 PM): Towns it is. Trevor can hold the puke. Their future is bright.

Eli Weiner (6:38 PM): Congrats, Trevor!

Zach Rosen (6:43 PM): Everyone had Towns going 1st. Good job, guys! If Russell goes here, Eli is the only person I talked to who considered him at #2, and actually had him there when we did our podcast.


Eli Weiner (6:45 PM): FUCK why did I change that. Never go against your gut.

Zach Rosen (6:47 PM): Best tweet right now:

Eli Weiner (6:48 PM): This is so fun. And we’re only two picks in. I called it because I would’ve taken Russell too. If they don’t make a trade, they have a legit future core in Clarkson, Russell, Randle and cap space.

Zach Rosen (6:49 PM): Woj just tweeted the 76ers will draft Okafor. ASSETS!!!

Eli Weiner (6:50 PM): What about Kristaps though…

Eli Weiner (6:53 PM): Let’s all agree Adam Silver is awesome.

Eli Weiner (6:54 PM): LMAO Okafor got so shafted.

Zach Rosen (6:55 PM): Yeah and Woj said they’re going to keep him in Philly too…He looks pissed.

Zach Rosen (6:55 PM): Knicks are about to draft PORZINGIS!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!! THANKS WOJ!!

Jacob Kupferman (6:56 PM): I just don’t get it. Why take Jahlil with Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid already on the roster? How do you pass on an amazing talent at the guard position?

Zach Rosen (6:57 PM): Or draft Porzingis? I think Hinkie just drafts players for their value, like he did with Embiid last year. Both players shouldn’t have fallen to #3 overall.

Jacob Kupferman (6:58 PM): There’s no doubt Jahlil was the best player on the board, but that still doesn’t explain the logic behind taking a player that you already have two top 10 picks at his position.

Eli Weiner (6:58 PM): Jahlil’s dad is cooler than Jahlil.

Zach Rosen (6:59 PM): Hezonja is going to go #5 to Orlando. Twitter is killing all draft fun. By Twitter, I mean Woj. #WojBomb


Jacob Kupferman (7:01 PM): I am just so perplexed. For a team who’s fan base is SO dependent on winning, how can you pick such a project?

Zach Rosen (7:02 PM): They think he’s the best player in the draft. But yes, more of a project than all these experts think. Not an immediate impact. Dirk type player though.

Eli Weiner (7:03 PM): Knicks fans suck.

Jacob Kupferman (7:04 PM): First impressions: Great jump shot, a little skinny, #flawless English.

Zach Rosen (7:04 PM): He’s very aware of the European stereotypes. Speaks well. I like him.

Eli Weiner (7:05 PM): He speaks it fluently. His mom paid for english lessons for him growing up once they knew he was gonna make it to the NBA.

Zach Rosen (7:08 PM): Cauley-Stein is going #6 to Kings. I think they keep him and Cousins and get rid of George Karl. Hezonja will bring offense to that Magic team, but I think they should be picking Winslow.

Zach Rosen (7:09 PM): Our first Kaminsky news. Suns are aggressively trying to move up to draft him apparently. BTW, Stephen A. is not happy about the Knicks’ pick:

Jacob Kupferman (7:09 PM): This guy is a video game dream. Dunks, 3 point shooting, pure talent. I also like them going small, it will allow Aaron Gordon to keep playing. Magic are about to be so much fun to watch. Not necessarily good, but definitely fun.

Zach Rosen (7:12 PM): Nuggets getting Mudiay. OMG the Bucks should trade up for Winslow. I don’t care if there isn’t space in the starting lineup. The Pistons are probably really pondering their team right now at #8. They should pick Winslow.

Zach Rosen (7:15 PM): Thoughts on Cauley-Stein to the Kings?

Jacob Kupferman (7:16): As long as Boogie stays, that’s a phenomenal front court for 10 years. If Nuggets take Mudiay, what happens to Ty Lawson?

Zach Rosen (7:16 PM): Lawson is getting traded, no doubt. I like the Kentucky boys protecting the rim in Sacramento.

Eli Weiner (7:16 PM): I hate myself for changing that pick too goddamn it. NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR GUT. I like the fit a lot. Either they trade Cousins and become a more defensive team or ideally they pair him with Boogie and take a lot of defensive pressure off Boogie. Lots of room to grow still too. Ceiling is future Rodman.

Jacob Kupferman (7:17 PM): Rodman at 7 foot though. The ceiling is unfathomable if they keep WCS and Boogie together.

Zach Rosen (7:19 PM): So Winslow is not going #8 to Detroit… He could fall to the Heat.

Jacob Kupferman (7:20 PM): Hard to imagine the Bucks lose out on Devon Booker if he falls out of the top ten. Can’t imagine they wouldn’t trade up.

Zach Rosen (7:21 PM): Yo, at least Porzingis apparently goes on WorldStarHipHop every day. So American. So immersed.

Zach Rosen (7:22 PM): Watch for the Celtics to try to trade up for Winslow.

Eli Weiner (7:23 PM): I can definitely see that ^. I think Lawson’s gone in Denver too if they can swing it. Haha “ee jin-lin”.

Zach Rosen (7:24 PM): You can tell Rece Davis doesn’t follow basketball as much as college football.

Zach Rosen (7:25 PM): I can’t even imagine all the calls the Hornets are getting right now.

Jacob Kupferman (7:27 PM): Mudiay has such an interesting story to have gotten to this point. Very excited to see what happens with Ty Lawson.

Zach Rosen (7:27 PM): Reminds me of Giannis’s story. Lawson probably gonna get traded to Sacramento if Karl stays.

Eli Weiner (7:29 PM): I like it. Not gonna be a superstar but very solid all around player they can move forward with.

Sam Cherny (7:31 PM): Hopefully Stanley Johnson can perform better than one of my favorite Pistons small forwards: Jonas Jerebko.

Jacob Kupferman (7:32 PM): If Jonas Jerebko is your favorite Pistons small forward, we need to have some history lessons😉 I love this pick. Winslow would’ve been a great pick also, but I think Stanley Johnson could be Ron Artest. Underperformed at Arizona a little bit I think.

Zach Rosen (7:34 PM): Yes, I think he did too. I told Eli in our podcast that Sean Miller seems to get a lot of less talent and less out of great talent. I’m hearing Kaminsky will be the next pick to the Hornets. RIP Cody Zeller.

Jacob Kupferman (7:35 PM): Cody Zeller could be a solid trade piece to replace Lance Stephenson.

Zach Rosen (7:35 PM): I cannot believe I jokingly laughed at Frank Kaminsky at Monday’s freshman year (two years ago) using his freakishly long arms and ugly face to get drinks for girls, and now he is going #9 overall to the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA Draft in 2015. He had the last laugh.

Eli Weiner (7:37 PM): Well they must plan on getting rid of Hawes because Frank is just a better version.

Zach Rosen (7:37 PM): He’s going to get a lot of playing time there. They need more defense though and a shooting guard like Devin Booker in my opinion.

Jacob Kupferman (7:38 PM): They’ll be able to find a knockdown shooter in the league somewhere, either as a free agent or via trade. He brings a savvy that I think will mesh well with Big Al and Kemba.

Zach Rosen (7:40 PM): Bucks please trade up for Booker. Please. Turner is going to go to the Pacers at 11. What a steal for the Heat at 10. Jesus they’re going to be really good if they can stay healthy.

Eli Weiner (7:42 PM): Winslow = potential steal of the draft.

Jacob Kupferman (7:42): The Heat are just such a solid franchise. They always seem to make the right moves and drafts. Pat Riley is a wizard.

Zach Rosen (7:46 PM): Gotta think Wade is staying in Miami now.

Eli Weiner (7:47 PM): I have no idea.

Jacob Kupferman (7:48 PM): I would love to see Indiana pick Myles Turner here. Teach him to play off of PG13 and that’s quite a duo.

Zach Rosen (7:50 PM): Good call.

Jacob Kupferman (7:52 PM): I think he’ll be a great fit in Indy. Swaggy Kid, underatedly swaggy city. Loved when Jalen Rose said that Indy is used to watching Roy Hibbert run so watching Myles Turner run will be an upgrade. Lol.

Zach Rosen (7:53 PM): I wonder what Utah will do next.

Jacob Kupferman (7:44 PM): I’ve heard Trey Lyles is a serious option, but you’ve gotta think Devon Booker is being considered too. His shooting is just too good to pass up on.

Zach Rosen (7:56 PM); Lyles it is. Holy crap the Bucks need to trade up for Booker. NOW!!!

Eli Weiner (7:58 PM): Bucks gotta get Booker or Portis.

Zach Rosen (8:00 PM): It’s all about Calipari. He sucks as a person. But, he’s good at his job.

Zach Rosen (8:01 PM): Booker is going to Phoenix here. UGH!!!

Zach Rosen (8:02 PM): Bucks reportedly working on trade to get Greivis Vasquez from the Raptors. That must mean they’re trading down too? I like the trade if it’s #17 for Vasquez and #20.

Zach Rosen (8:04 PM): Oh no, it’s way worse. We’re trading a future first round pick (probably the Clippers’) and #46 tonight for Vasquez…

Eli Weiner (8:05 PM): NOO!!! SERIOUSLY, WHY?!?!

Zach Rosen (8:05 PM): It is the future Clippers’ pick in 2017.

Eli Weiner (8:07 PM): The pick is lottery protected, but it is unlikely the Clippers will be picking in the lottery anytime soon, unless Blake and CP3 get arrested for flopping. Damn it, Hammond. I like Vasquez, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Sam Cherny (8:09 PM): Bucks have chance to take 2 players from their home state in Looney and Dekker. If they don’t take one of them, that’d would be worse than Latrell Sprewell not paying his taxes. Oh wait…

Jacob Kupferman (8:11 PM): He and Russ Westbrook offset pretty well. He’s much more of a facilitator (hard to say with how many triple doubles Russ had). I like the contrast.

Eli Weiner (8:12 PM): I guess the thinking with the trade is that it’s hard to find value at 46 (even tho I think we can) and that next year’s class is weaker so it’ll be harder to get value near end of first round. But the Clippers did just trade for Lance so who knows.

Eli Weiner (8:13 PM): Hahaha my dad just saw Steve Novak at my moms orchestra concert. He doesn’t seem to care much about the draft.

Zach Rosen (8:14 PM): Nice, Eli. Novak should know about his newest teammate. I see Payne being that other guard the Thunder have lacked lately since Jeremy Lamb did not turn out well. He and Westbrook can probably play on the floor together too.

Zach Rosen (8:17 PM): Will Hawks go big or get a Carroll replacement like Dekker or Oubre, Jr. I think Oubre.

Jacob Kupferman (8:18 PM): Great pick. High ceiling, knockdown shooter potential.

Zach Rosen (8:18 PM): They picked Oubre for Washington. Swapped picks and more apparently. Two future second round picks. Otto Porter who?

Jacob Kupferman (8:20 PM): Either they’re giving up on Otto Porter or they’re adopting the Golden State philosophy of “the more wing defenders the merrier”.

Eli Weiner (8:21 PM): I still think he’s gonna be good for them. Not great, but good for his role.

Trevor Mann (8:22 PM): Shoutout to Rece Davis for the Deflategate reference!

Zach Rosen (8:24 PM): Wow, JK’s boy Rozier about to go Boston. Could Dekker have a homecoming???

Adam Ziv-el (8:24 PM): Dekker is ours!

Zach Rosen (8:25 PM): Nope, it’s been reported they’re taking Rashad Vaughn from UNLV. What do you guys think?

Eli Weiner (8:26 PM): Are you sure? Oy.

Jacob Kupferman (8:27 PM): Terry has lottery talent, just wasn’t playing the right role at UofL. D Wade type scorer, elite level perimeter defender.

Eli Weiner (8:29 PM): But, Vaughn sucks at defense…and Portis is there..Life isn’t fair.

Zach Rosen (8:31 PM): Thanks for letting us know that Dekker doesn’t want to come to Milwaukee, says the Wisconsin graduate Andy Katz.

Jacob Kupferman (8:32 PM): Well, that was anticlimactic. Solid pick though. Good scorer.

Eli Weiner (8:32 PM): Nobody reacted in the stadium. Jalen’s fucking comp is DION WAITERS.

Zach Rosen (8:33 PM): FUCK ^

Danny Henken (8:34 PM): Ehhhhhh. Big risk here. Dude is Anthony Morrow at best. Super bummed they passed on Dekker. If for Portis, I’d understand. But, not for this dude.

Sam Cherny (8:34 PM): Making noise in a New York bar for OJ Mayo’s replacement. Welcome to Milwaukee, Rashad.

Jacob Kupferman (8:34): I don’t get the hate, we need offense, especially if we can get Tyson Chandler. He and Jabari will take a lot of pressure off of Giannis and MCW.

Zach Rosen (8:35 PM): I agree to an extent. I like Portis better I guess and Dekker didn’t want to play in Milwaukee. Vaughn was second leading scorer among freshmen and he’s 6’6″. A lot to like.

Jacob Kupferman (8:36 PM): I’m a big Sam Dekker fan obv, but still very surprised Houston didn’t go the route of a point guard. More 3 point shooting from a 6’9” wing is never bad, though. I also love the Wally Szczerbiak conversation.

Eli Weiner (8:39 PM): Can come off the bench and make an immediate impact.

Zach Rosen (8:40 PM): He fits in well for them. The dude should be super happy with where he ended up, wow. He and J.J. Watt running Houston.

Ari Brown (8:41 PM): Chad Ford’s analysis of Sam Dekker is “Next Chandler Parsons?” and that phrase alone makes it so exciting to see what he’ll do next year. Harden-Dekker combo will hopefully be insanely fun to watch.

Zach Rosen (8:42 PM): Sooooo Tim Hardaway just got traded basically for Jerian Grant to the Hawks. KNICKS!!!

Eli Weiner (8:44 PM): Wait, what?

Zach Rosen (8:47 PM): John Hammond says on that the Bucks need 1) shooting 2) size at the point guard position and 3) toughness. Thinks they got a really good shooter. Chris Mannix from SI said this about Vaughn:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.49.34 PM


Eli Weiner (8:53 PM): How did I not know Delon is Dorell Wright’s brother? Both Grant and Wright could be good, but I don’t like the fit for Grant as much in the triangle offense since he’s a scoring point guard. Wright is basically Vasquez’s replacement.

Jacob Kupferman (8:53 PM): Surprised the Raptors didn’t go for a power forward there. Secretly I’m hoping Montrezl Harrell drops to the Spurs.

Zach Rosen (8:56 PM): Hammond addressing the press right now. Says he can’t comment on the Vasquez trade yet since it’s not official.

Zach Rosen (8:58 PM): Anderson is a steal for the Mavericks I think. Great upside. Thought they’d go with him or Hunter.

Eli Weiner (8:59 PM): He reminds me of Middleton.

Jacob Kupferman (8:59 PM): Had he not gotten hurt and underperformed in the tournament, he could’ve been a lottery pick. 7’ wingspan and a beautiful jump shot.

Zach Rosen (9:00 PM): Bulls up next. I say Tyus or Hunter. Experts say Connaughton from Notre Dame.

Zach Rosen (9:03 PM): They’re going with Portis. He’s going to bite the Bucks, I can feel it. Lots of experts had the Bulls taking Vaughn and the Bucks taking Portis. Switch-a-roo.

Jacob Kupferman (9:06 PM): Totally agree Zach. The Bucks will regret not picking him, hopefully Vaughn turns into something special to counter-balance that. I love this pick though, they’re just so deep in the frontcourt.

Zach Rosen (9:06 PM): LMAO, Portis says he’d back up Pau and Taj, and that maybe he’s tryna start next year.

Jacob Kupferman (9:07 PM): LOL, good luck with that.

Ari Brown (9:08 PM): Love Portis on the Bulls. Was hoping for Wright, but I honestly think Portis will be better – someone to put down low and rotate with Noah, Gasol, etc.

Jacob Kupferman (9:09 PM): Whatever the T-Blazers do here, it will shed a lot of light on what they want to do in the future.

Zach Rosen (9:10 PM): Looks like it will be Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Love his style on the court. Gave Wisconsin fits. Harrell still on the board.

Eli Weiner (9:13 PM): Could be a great pick for Portland. Steal, man.

Jacob Kupferman (9:13 PM): I love this pick, but I stand corrected. I still have no idea where they’re going with their franchise if LA (LaMarcus Aldridge) doesn’t come back.

Zach Rosen (9:16 PM): Woj is reporting the Nets are trying hard to trade for Hollis-Jefferson. He could be a lock-down defender for the future for a good team so I wouldn’t blame them for trading for him. He’s also saying Tyus will be drafted by the Cavs, but could get traded. Hopefully not the Bucks again.

Zach Rosen (9:20 PM): Wow. Cleveland and Minnesota are trading partners again, and Tyus is coming home to Minneapolis. Trading him to the T-Wolves for picks #31 and #36 tonight. Great trade by the Cavs in my opinion.

Jacob Kupferman (9:21 PM): I love the Cavs trying to add more tools and more youth. Does this mean the Wolves are giving up on Ricky Rubio?

Zach Rosen (9:21 PM): Jarell Martin going to the Grizzlies next is such a Grizzlies’ pick. #JarnellStokes

Trevor Mann (9:23 PM): TYUS COMING HOME! YES HE IS!

Eli Weiner (9:23 PM): Solid trade for both teams I think.

Zach Rosen (9:23 PM): Not giving up on Rubio, just getting valuable insurance from a kid with a lot of potential.

Zach Rosen (9:27 PM): This kid Martin looks like Diamond Stone.

Jacob Kupferman (9:28 PM): I like that pick a lot for the Grizzlies. Fits their big-man mold well and will give them some front court scoring potency beyond Z-Bo and Marc Gasol.

Zach Rosen (9:30 PM): Spurs picking Milutinov. Classic Spurs here.

Jacob Kupferman (9:32 PM): Who’s honestly surprised?

Eli Weiner (9:32 PM): Hahaha classic Spurs.

Zach Rosen (9:38 PM): Larry Nance, Jr.? What?

Eli Weiner (9:38 PM): Woooooah, reach by the Lakers.

Jacob Kupferman (9:39 PM): From a pick that didn’t surprise me at all to a pick that surprised me a lot. Neat.

Zach Rosen (9:41 PM): Hunter, Harrell, and Looney all on the board still. Celtics must be ecstatic. If Hunter falls to the Warriors…

Jacob Kupferman (9:43 PM): Pretty crazy how many picks the Celtics have in the next few years. You’ve gotta think they’ll want to trade some of them for assets.

Zach Rosen (9:44 PM): Hunter to Celtics. Good value for the Celtics.

Jacob Kupferman (9:50 PM): Best pick possible for the Nets, I think. Proves their committed to the future rather than trading away everything for veterans, unlike what they did with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.

Zach Rosen (9:51 PM): Lopez to the Bucks? We will see. I like the McCullough pick a lot too. Looney is going to be picked by the Warriors. I see him playing right away as an impact player once Lee gets traded. Gotta love being the champions.

Zach Rosen (9:56 PM): Thanks for reading us tonight. Enjoy the 2nd round, go Bucks, and congrats to Kaminsky and Dekker!

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