To the dismay of Wisconsin football fans, graduate QB transfer Malik Zaire is delaying his decision on where he will play ball next season until some time in the spring.

As reported by Pete Sampson of Irish Illustrated, Zaire, who reportedly wanted to decide now in order to partake in which ever programs’ spring practices, has now decided to wait it out until mid-April.

With Wisconsin being the front runner as of late, it is not a good sign that the transfer has put off his decision. With the Florida Gators trying to overcome rules that disallow them from having graduate transfers, some are wondering whether or not Zaire is waiting for a bigger pool of teams to choose from.

But for Florida to be in play, the SEC would have to change its rules on graduate transfers. If they do not change the rules, Zaire would be left to choose between Wisconsin and UNC.

Paul Chryst still has not made a decision on who will start the Cotton Bowl on Monday, Alex Hornibrook or Bart Houston. If Zaire were to transfer to Wisconsin, he would likely have a battle with Hornibrook.