Fantasy Football can be the best and worst thing to happen to you in a given week. One matchup you can completely lay an egg and struggle to break 90 points, and the next matchup you can nearly double your opponent a score an excess amount over 100.

For me, that is exactly what happened. Entering the league, I was feeling pretty good about my team. That is, until I was smacked 104-89 in the opening week. While the scoring difference wasn’t all too bad, what really hurt was looking at other scores from around the league and seeing that I would have beaten more than half of the teams had I been playing them.

Who you are matched up with every week is everything in Fantasy Football, but also filled with luck at the same time. I bounced back this past week, scoring 110 points and holding the highest scoring total of the league, meaning I would have beaten anyone I played this week. My opponent? She scored 64 points (Sorry Margaret), the third lowest that week. Oh, and get this: The second lowest outing of the week (62 points)…won!

It really is the luck of the draw, which turned out well for me in my last victory as I was playing against Andrew Luck, who mustered just nine fantasy points.

Need some more proof?

There are three 2-0 teams through two weeks of play. Only one of them leads their division in points for. As matter of fact, one of the teams is in last. Go figure. What makes me feel even worse about my 1-1 record is that I have more points scored than all three.


Red = Undefeated teams and their PF

Blue = Me and my PF

This week, I play the league’s top leading scorer through two weeks, but she is also 1-1. I have no idea what to expect.