88-76, 1-0, and 28. Those are the score of my fantasy matchup, my record, and the number of points Deangelo FREAKIN’ Williams scored for me. Last time, I wrote about how I didn’t care that I might have “reached” for Le’Veon Bell, in part, because I hedged my bet by drafting Williams.

Williams was the best running back in fantasy last week, and it has me asking “Do I even need Bell?”. At this point, it might be unfair to the rest of the league if I magically add the best running back in the league three weeks into the season (Oh wait, did I plan that?).

That said, I did have some disappointing players. Martellus Bennett, how did you manage to get one point? Seriously. One point? Skinny Lacy, I blame your lack of production completely on Mike McCarthy, the winner of the season’s first Egregious Fantasy Coaching of the Week Award (EFCWA).

1st and goal from inside the 5, and three straight runs? Oh, and kicking a field goal, instead of letting Aaron Rodgers throw the ball to Randall Cobb on 4th down? Play calling has been a controversy in Green Bay the last few years, but I have a solution. Let me call every single play. Here’s the new playbook:

Lacy run.

Throw to Cobb.

Up next is a matchup against Team Spinuzza with a 2-0 record at stake. I’m a 4.8 point underdog, so all you fantasy sports gamblers should start investing some capital in Vegas on yours truly. There’s no way I’m losing.