Recently, the Bucks re-signed center Miles Plumlee to a four-year deal worth as much as $52 million.

Fellow center Greg Monroe is fresh off his first year with Milwaukee after signing a three-year max contract following the 2014-15 season. Despite having one of his most efficient years as a professional basketball player, it hasn’t been the best fit for Monroe and the Bucks when it comes to the eye test.

It has recently been announced that, since the re-signing of Plumlee, the Bucks are now more active in their discussions with other teams to trade Monroe.

With the recent re-signing, along with the free agency period slowing down, the Bucks will now focus their attention on limited priorities, most of which go hand-in-hand.

Early reports have indicated a few interested teams during the past few days, on top of the teams that were originally considering during the NBA draft. One team that is looking to boost an already high-powered front court are the San Antonio Spurs, who recently learned the news that they will not having big man Tim Duncan back for the 20th season in a row next year.

League sources have told Amico Hoops the Spurs have an interest in pursuing Monroe, provided they could find a third team to make a deal work.

San Antonio has recently brought in big men Pau Gasol and Dewayne Dedmon. Gasol will be owed ~$15 million next season, which is lower than what the Bucks will be paying Monroe (~$17 million). With not a lot of space left, the Spurs will need to bring a third party along to take someone’s contract off of them if they are serious about the likes of Monroe.

Another team that has come to the surface regarding Monroe trade rumors are the New Orleans Pelicans. A New Orleans native, Monroe has previously expressed interest of one day playing for his hometown squad. The Pelicans were active this free agent period, signing five players, two of which were front court players (Solomon Hill, Terrence Jones).

Although just a small rumor right now, the Pelicans could offer something to the Bucks’ liking if trade discussions were to pick up. Center Omer Asik ranked in the top six last season in defensive rebounding rate (Hollinger) and finished the season averaging just under 13 rebounds per 36 minutes. Milwaukee ended the year ranked in the bottom five in total rebounding and second to last in grabbing defensive boards. An Asik/Monroe swap would likely need to be paired with another player coming from New Orleans to make the financials work out, but it could be something that would benefit both teams.

Moving along in the trade rumors category are the Sacramento Kings, who seemed to be looking at some sort of roster implosion moving forward. Matt Moore (CBS) has recently brought up the possibility of the Kings looking to move DeMarcus Cousins, perhaps in a Monroe swap.

Now, before Bucks’ fans get all excited, a Cousins/Monroe deal would likely need to include more than one young player/draft pick. The Kings would be foolish to trade Cousins for Monroe if the deal did not include Giannis Antetokounmpo or Jabari Parker.

Also recently adding themselves into the Monroe mix are the New York Knicks, who like the Spurs would need a third team to be involved if they wish to take on his contract.


It is safe to say that Monroe could be on the move within the next few weeks. Despite his numbers remaining constant, his style of play does not fit it in well with head coach Jason Kidd is trying to accomplish. As a player who attempts over 86 percent of his shots from within 10 feet of the basket, this eliminates the lane for those players who like to slash to the basket.

Giannis and Parker’s numbers seemed to skyrocket last year when Kidd made the switch of putting Monroe on the bench and inserting Plumlee into the starting lineup. Although Plumlee doesn’t offer much of an offensive threat from the perimeter, his ability to excel in the pick-and-roll game helps stretch the floor.

“I know when I get a good screen for him (Antetokounmpo), he can just see over everybody,” Plumlee said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Charles F. Gardner. “It’s the easiest play we have, I think. Every time I can set a ball screen for Giannis, it’s two points for me.”

Monroe averaged 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds last season with Milwaukee, but had a defensive efficiency rating of over 106.

Looks like change is imminent.