Are We Really Ready for Thonnis?

Every good Hollywood couple has a nickname.

After the Bucks drafted baby Giannis in the form of Thon Maker, Thonnis was a pretty easy one.

Instead of improving outside shooting or drafting a point guard, the Bucks doubled down, swung for the fences, went all in, or whatever is your favorite saying, on what is already their strength: length and athleticism. And I, for one, could not be more excited about it.

The Bucks will resemble the Monstars from Space Jam more than they will an actual NBA team. Come to think of it, the Milwaukee Monstars doesn’t sound that bad. Think about all 29 teams playing defense, and then imagine them holding pool noodles as extensions.

That is what the Bucks will look like. It will be a sight to see. Limbs will be everywhere. John Henson, Giannis, Maker, and Jabari all have over 7 foot wingspans, and Khris Middleton has a 6’11” wingspan. Hopefully Kidd plays them together during the season at some point, because it will be amazing. There won’t be a part of the floor that isn’t covered.

Watching Thonnis run the break together will be mesmerizing. I don’t know how you can stop it. There’s pretty much only one option, and that’s to run and hide before you get dunked on.

The disappointment of not dealing Monroe or MCW during the draft was forgotten because of the thought of Thonnis being a top duo in the NBA someday (along with Jabari, let’s not forget about him). The Bucks officially have a video game roster.

However, the age thing is a major concern. If he turns out to be 23 instead of 19, that is a huge deal. That would be the length of his rookie contract to grow and develop as a player, because he doesn’t have much skill right now. But, with the way the Bucks have developed Giannis, they must have hope that they can duplicate it. If he turns out to be 19, it’s a solid pick because he has as much potential as anyone in this draft. Still, Maker and GM John Hammond have affirmed that Maker is 19 years of age.

Maker could be KD at his ceiling. Some sort of Paul George/Giannis hybrid. He could’ve been the number one pick in the draft next year had he played well in college. And even if he doesn’t pan out, at pick ten in this draft, he is worth the risk.

There probably isn’t such a thing as a “bust” with the tenth pick in the NBA Draft. Brandon Jennings, Paul George, Jimmer Freddette, Austin Rivers, C.J. Mccollum, and Justice Winslow are the last 6 players taken at the 10 slot in the NBA Draft. We’ll call it 3/6 being generous because we don’t know if Winslow is even a good NBA player yet, but with that kind of success rate, why not take the chance if you’re the Bucks?

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