1. New England Patriots (Previous: 2)

Brady being back for these four games is huge for the Patriots. While this defense may not be as good as last year’s, New England is still a team to beat in the AFC.

2. Seattle Seahawks (Previous: 1)

A rough start to the 2015 season for Seattle. While I don’t think this is indicative of what could come, the Seahawks have a huge matchup in Green Bay this week.

3. Green Bay Packers (Previous: 3)

Took care of business in Chicago, now they welcome the Seahawks to town. If the Packers win this week, they effectively take a three-game lead on Seattle with the tiebreaker.

4. Denver Broncos (Previous: 4)

The Broncos offense didn’t look great Week 1, but they came out with a win. The pass rushers for this defense look like they are going to be wreaking havoc this year with new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

5. Dallas Cowboys (Previous: 7)

The Cowboys were behind both the Colts and the Ravens last week, who both ended up losing. The team didn’t look great in their home opener at Jerry-World, and Dez Bryant’s injury is huge. Still, they have a solid team and this week against Philadelphia will be interesting.

6. Baltimore Ravens (Previous: 6)

Baltimore didn’t look bad in Denver, and even had a shot to win at the end of the game. It would also be wrong not to mention Terrell Suggs’ season-ending Achilles injury. The NFL won’t be the same without T-Sizzle.

7. Indianapolis Colts (Previous: 5)

I expected the Colts to struggle in this game, but the weaknesses on their team really showed. The offensive line allowed too much penetration, and the defense made Tyrod Taylor look like a veteran. 

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (Previous: 8)

Pittsburgh was not expected to win that game with the triumphant return of Tom Brady. Cutting down on mental errors in the red zone and working on the defensive secondary are priorities this week.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (Previous: 12)

The Bengals looked very sharp against the Raiders. Yes, they were playing the Raiders, but they were up 31-0 before taking their foot off the gas. Big home game against the Chargers this week.

10. Arizona Cardinals (Previous: 13)

After coming back from another injury, Carson Palmer looks ready to lead this team. Say what you want about the Cardinals, but this team just wins games.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (Previous: 14)

While the final score of this game was 27-20, the Chiefs were thoroughly in control of that game the entire time against Houston. This next week they host the Broncos on Thursday night, who are coming off a weak showing at home.

12. Detroit Lions (Previous: 9)

It was a tale of two halves for the Lions this past weekend in San Diego. Detroit lost by a slim margin, and moving down this list is a result of the play by the Bengals, Cardinals, and Chiefs and their defense.

13. Miami Dolphins (Previous: 11)

It was disappointing to see the Dolphins come out and struggle against the Redskins. Hopefully this team can find more momentum in Jacksonville this next week.

14. San Diego Chargers (Previous: 16)

The Chargers have a knack for those three-touchdown comeback wins for some reason. Next week, they travel across the country to Cincinnati where an intriguing game awaits.

15. Buffalo Bills (Previous: 18)

That defense was going to be good, but Sammy Watkins had no catches, LeSean McCoy was pedestrian, and this team still won by 13. Next week is a big matchup against the Patriots at home.

16. St. Louis Rams (Previous: 20)

What a huge win Nick Foles and company in their  season opener. While I am impressed with the way the Rams played, they always seem to play division opponents exceedingly better than non-division opponents. Hopefully they don’t slip up against Washington next week. 

17. Philadelphia Eagles (Previous: 10)

Last night, the Eagles had more yards and first downs than the Falcons, but Atlanta held the ball for 35 minutes. If they can play like they did in the second half, they could beat the Cowboys at home on Sunday Night Football this week.

18. Houston Texans (Previous: 15)

The defense was supposed to carry this team, but they let up 27 points in the first 25 minutes of this game. The offense is not good enough to score that many points. Now they travel to Carolina for another intriguing matchup this week.

19. Carolina Panthers (Previous: 19)

The good news is they beat Jacksonville and didn’t embarrass themselves in the process. Next week, they welcome the Texans into town in what should be a defensive battle.

20. Atlanta Flacons (Previous: 25)

Head Coach Dan Quinn showed why he is one of the best defensive minds in football this past week. The Falcons came out hot on Monday night at home and will try to build on that next week against the Giants.

21. New York Jets (Previous: 23)

It was a struggle early, but the Jets took care of business and then some against the Browns. Next week, they travel to Indianapolis for Monday Night Football in what should be good measuring stick for this team. Also, Antonio Cromartie looks like he will be fine after what could have been a scary knee injury.

22. San Francisco 49ers (Previous: 24)

Before the season started, some people thought the 49ers would be one of the true NFL bottom-feeders. Next week, they travel to Pittsburgh for the dreaded 1:00 PM ET start for West Coast teams.

23. New York Giants (Previous: 21)

Were it not for horrendous clock management and decision making at the end, the Giants would have left Dallas victorious. Instead, they lose a heart-breaker to their biggest rival. Can they beat Atlanta at home next week?

24. New Orleans Saints (Previous: 22)

New Orleans looked how you might expect them to. Brees is a great player, but the team is not going to help him win a lot of games. The good news for Saints fans is they get to play Tampa Bay at home next week and should dominate.

25. Minnesota Vikings (Previous: 17)

Two days ago, people were talking about the Vikings as the playoff sleeper pick for this year. The way this team played against a team that was supposed to be really bad is not a good sign.

26. Chicago Bears (Previous: 27)

Many experts expected the Bears to be a really bad team this year. Against the Packers two days ago, they looked much better than most expected. Say what you want about Jay Cutler, but he can make any NFL throw.

27. Tennessee Titans (Previous: 30)

Marcus Mariota. That’s all you gotta say. He looked like a star this week against last year’s worst team in the NFL. Now he faces a much tougher defense in the Cleveland Browns this week.

28. Oakland Raiders (Previous: 26)

This team looked bad in their first game. They aren’t going to catch a break this week either as they prepare for the Ravens to come into town. The good news is it looks like QB Derek Carr should play.

29. Washington Redskins (Previous: 32)

Yes, the Redskins lost. That being said, they lost to a playoff contender, and their defense looked pretty good. Unfortunately, their offense was less than impressive and it probably won’t get much better.

30. Cleveland Browns (Previous: 28)

Christmas came early in Cleveland this year as Josh McCown went for a helicopter ride and Johnny Football entered the game. The 54-yard TD he threw was the only bright spot in a terrible opener for the Browns.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (Previous: 31)

In what ended up being a very un-entertaining game, the Jags lost to the Panthers scoring a league-low 9 points. It will be interesting to watch the development of the younger players on this roster throughout the season.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Previous: 29)

Wow, how do you think Tampa Bay feels about the #1 pick now? Marcus Mariota tore that defense to shreds and Winston looked in over his head. Head Coach Lovie Smith may be over-staying his welcome in Tampa. 

Photo: Allen