Update – Thursday, September 3, 2015: Roger Goodell and the NFL will appeal Judge Berman’s decision to vacate Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Seven months later, #Deflategate appears to be over. Well, as long as the NFL doesn’t take Judge Richard Berman’s decision to the second circuit appellate court and win. I won’t dive into the specifics of Tom Brady getting his suspension nullified or how unbelievably long and stupid the #Deflategate scandal was, but I do want to talk about the NFL. This ridiculous story begins and ends in the commissioner’s office.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has now messed up not one, not two, not three, but FOUR scandals during his time as commissioner. It started with the New Orleans Saints and the league’s handling of Bountygate, where they similarly made assumptions and accusations about the team’s apparent rewards system for taking out opponents. It went on to Ray Rice, and how Goodell basically lied about having a videotape of Rice hitting his wife in an elevator and Rice was suspended indefinitely without precedent. Adrian Peterson had his suspension vacated in court as well, after Goodell suspended Peterson for an entire season, which was unprecedented. And now, Tom Brady has been reinstated by the court of the law in New York. I haven’t even brought up replacement refs, the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, SpyGate, Greg Hardy, the Washington Redskins brand, or concussion ignorance, but in the aforementioned four cases with the Saints, Rice, Peterson, and Brady, the opposition to Goodell won every case. His credibility has been diminished even more than it was after the Rice scandal.

Read Judge Berman’s decision here.

(ABC News)

How can the owners stand behind Goodell any longer after the way he has made the NFL look? Sure, this case is not closed, as the NFL can still appeal Judge Berman’s decision, but the way it was handled especially in terms of public relations and misguiding the media cannot be overlooked. The NFL gave a false leak to Chris Mortensen to blow up the news, they put together reports to disparage Brady, and almost completely destroyed the reputation of one of their most important assets. Did you know one of the NFL’s top PR executives left the NFL yesterday? Ironic.

Not to mention, the minds behind most of the accusations were former Jets executive and current NFL VP of Game Operations Mike Kinsel and Colts general manager Ryan Grigson. There’s something a bit fishy with who was behind all of this nonsense, and other opponents such as Kurt Warner, Mark Brunell, and others definitely were out to get the Patriots. Why? It’s simple: they’ve lost a lot over the years to the Patriots and have had inclinations of other cheating scandals including SpyGate.

Tom Brady’s name may never be cleared, but Goodell’s definitely will not be. Yes, there’s a new protocol now after this scandal, but the integrity of the game that was questioned was equivalent to a corked bat or a spitball. It’s Goodell’s job to be the impartial ruler in the league; the executive of all executives. He has the power to influence one of the world’s most watched sports positively, but all he has done is failed when called upon. The NFL owners may very well be thinking what I’m writing, but it’s time to search for a new leader. Sure, Goodell has brought an influx of money to the owners and the league. But, how much can money really mean to these owners (okay, I know, A LOT), if their leader makes them look even worse than they already do as money-seeking moguls? The owners will look for change if they do not want a loser representing them any longer.

Will we remember Brady for his rings or for #Deflategate? I think both, but let’s see how hungry Brady and the Patriots are in pursuit for the team’s fifth Super Bowl, all under his guidance with Bill Belichick. Did he commit the crime? We may never know, but a football’s pressure is surely not a steroid comparison.

What will we remember Goodell for? He has continuously failed to succeed, has lied, and has been embarrassing as a representative of the National Football League.

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