BREAKING: Greg Monroe to Milwaukee over Knicks, Lakers

It’s officially new times in Milwaukee. As reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, former Detroit Pistons power forward/center Greg Monroe will sign with the Milwaukee Bucks for a max contract worth $50 million over 3 years (the last year is a player option). His contract will pay him $15.8 million next season and $16.5 million in 2016-17, with that player option in 2017-18 when the salary cap is supposed to hit $108 million. He will officially sign his contract on July 8.

Monroe, 25, was the 7th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft by Detroit (yes, Detroit again). He is 6’11” and averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds per game with the Pistons in five seasons. His career PER is near 20.0 (15.0 is the average). Here’s a look at his full stats via Basketball-Reference:

Per Game

2010-11 DET 80 27.8 .551 .622 3.1 4.4 7.5 1.3 1.2 0.6 1.0 2.5 9.4
2011-12 DET 66 31.5 .521 .739 3.6 6.0 9.7 2.3 1.3 0.7 2.4 2.7 15.4
2012-13 DET 81 33.2 .486 .689 2.9 6.7 9.6 3.5 1.3 0.7 2.9 2.3 16.0
2013-14 DET 82 32.8 .497 .657 3.1 6.1 9.3 2.1 1.1 0.6 2.0 2.5 15.2
2014-15 DET 69 31.0 .496 .750 3.3 6.9 10.2 2.1 1.1 0.5 2.2 2.1 15.9
Career 378 31.3 .505 .693 3.2 6.0 9.2 2.3 1.2 0.6 2.1 2.4 14.3

This is a HUGE move for the growing Bucks, as Monroe chose the small-market Milwaukee team over big market teams like the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the Portland Trail Blazers. It continues to show you the impact the new ownership has had in Milwaukee, and what Coach Jason Kidd has brought to the team already as we begin his second season. With the arena deal talks beginning today that were out of the state budget, making moves like this in free agency will rally support in Milwaukee for citizens to call legislators and for legislators to realize it’s a worthy investment to build a new arena.

Monroe will join a fierce and young starting lineup as the oldest player of the five starters. His offensive game should complement the Bucks’ style well, while his defense will need to improve. He will bring an immediate impact in the paint that the Bucks have lacked for years. Here’s a look at the Bucks’ new depth chart (projected 15-man);

PG: 1. Michael Carter-Williams; 2. Greivis Vasquez 3. Jerryd Bayless 4. Tyler Ennis

SG: 1. Khris Middleton 2. O.J. Mayo 3. Rashad Vaughn

SF: 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2. Damien Inglis

PF: 1. Jabari Parker 2. John Henson 3. Johnny O’Bryant

C: 1. Greg Monroe 2. Zaza Pachulia 3. Miles Plumlee

The Bucks will be able to sign Monroe as they can use Khris Middleton’s Bird rights that do not count against the cap, in which a player must have played three seasons without being waived or changing teams as a free agent. I still would not be shocked to see them make a few more moves due to playing time by trading Bayless/Ennis/Plumlee/Pachulia/Henson. 


Yahoo! Sports
Image via Home Court

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