Milwaukee Brewers general manager David Stearns made his first big trade on Saturday, and his eighth since becoming GM. The Brewers traded away shortstop Jean Segura and pitcher Tyler Wagner to the Arizona Diamondbacks for two veterans in Chase Anderson and Aaron Hill and a highly coveted 19-year-old prospect in Isan Diaz.

Diaz, the 19-year-old prospect the Diamondbacks sent over to the Brewers, was formerly labeled as the Diamondbacks “untouchable prospect” by Joel Reuter of Bleach Report. He hit for a .360 average, a .436 on base percentage and a .640 slugging percentage in 2015, tacking on 51 RBIs and 13 home runs. Diaz won Pioneer League MVP in Rookie League Missoula and quickly shot up the Diamondbacks top-prospect list.

Also coming to the Brewers is Hill, an almost 34-year-old infielder who was once an All-Star. Hill has the versatility to play third base, a position currently in flux for the Brewers, or split time with lefty second basemen Scooter Gennett, who has underperformed against left-handed pitching. Hill has hit for a career batting average of .268 and has a career fielding percentage of almost 99%.

Anderson, a 28-eight-year-old right handed starting pitcher, looks to fall into the Brewers starting rotation. Throwing for a career 4.18 ERA and a 15-13 overall record, Anderson will probably be the fourth of fifth starter and push either the young Zach Davies or the struggling Matt Garza out of the rotation.

The main reason this trade happened, though, is the fact that the Brewers needed to make room for their next potential star, Orlando Arcia. But according to Stearns, the team will not rush Arcia to the majors.

“We’re going to send him to Triple-A, allow him to continue his development, and grow and mature as a player,” Stearns explained. “His production and his continued development will dictate his timeline to the major leagues, rather than a move like this.”

It’s still hard to believe though that this trade will not speed up the process of moving Arcia to the Big Leagues come as early as May or June.

Even if Stearns is steadfast at keeping Arcia on his current development schedule, this trade, or one similar to it, needed to happen. Many thought that the Brewers would be willing to hold on to Segura, in hopes he returns to his All-Star form and that the team could potentially move him to another infield position, but his slow decline at the plate makes this the right decision. In the past two seasons, Segura has a batting average of .251 and has only hit 11 home runs, a startling decline of his 2013 production hitting for a .294 average and 12 home runs.

This deal makes all the sense in the world for the Brewers, as they look to rebuild in hopes of contending in the future, but not as much sense for the Diamondbacks. Although the Diamondbacks are clearly selling out to win now, trading arguably one of your top prospects for a shortstop who has under-performed the past two seasons may not be the wisest of choices. Betting that Segura will return to All-Star form is a risky bet, but that’s a risk a team going for it all needs to take.

Although the Diamondbacks did also receive Tyler Wagner, who has an ERA of 2.95 in his minor league career, it doesn’t make up for what the Diamondbacks are giving up. In three games at the major league level, Wagner has a 7.24 ERA and seven walks while only striking out five. While it is a small sample size, it could be indicative of a pitcher who will struggle to stay in the majors.

The cherry on top though is team friendly contracts of Hill and Anderson. Hill has only one year left on his contract and is due to make $12 million in 2016, but the Diamondbacks are also sending cash over to cover about half of his contract. This makes Hill’s contract another one that is extremely friendly to an organization that is in pure rebuild mode. Anderson is only arbitration eligible in 2018 and will not be a free agent until 2021. Thus, he will be making a small amount of money while filling a hole in the starting rotation so younger pitching can develop rather than rushed.

The Brewers come away as the clear winners in this trade as they open up an MLB position for top prospect Arcia and get an extremely young infielder who has a high ceiling. It was relatively a low-risk trade for the Brewers that could reap relatively high rewards.

Brewers Trade Grade: A

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