Gopín’s Treinta: MLB Power Rankings Week 3

Bartolo Colon and his big belly have the Mets in the top spot.

Another week has come and gone. Here are your power rankings after three weeks of baseball:

1. New York Mets (14-5, Last Week-4): Even though they lost a series this weekend to the Yankees, they still belong in the top spot because of their 10-0 home stand.

2. Detroit Tigers (13-6, Last Week-1): Started the week off poorly against New York, but got out of their mini-slump winning the last two games of their series against Cleveland.

3. St. Louis Cardinals (12-5, Last Week-5): Losing Wainwright for the entire season is huge, but they did win a World Series in 2011 without him.

4. Kansas City Royals (12-6, Last Week-3): Another fight broke out this week, this time with the White Sox. Several suspensions were handed out for both teams including Chris Sale and Yordano Ventura.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers (11-7, Last Week-2): Puig is headed to the DL and we’re still waiting for Kershaw to turn it on.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (11-8, Last Week-9): They did what they needed to do against an inferior team in the Diamondbacks, and that was sweeping them. With the Cardinals losing Wainwright, they should win the division.

7. Houston Astros (11-7, Last Week-16): Their first ever sweep of Oakland happened this weekend was sealed when Evan Gattis hit a ball that was at his neck for a go-ahead double in the 9th. Also, Altuve has a 29-game hitting streak against Oakland.

8. Chicago Cubs (10-7, Last Week-13): The Cubs are a solid team and they have been living up to the hype thus far. They split a series against Pittsburgh and took care of business against Cincinnati, so if they keep playing like this they will be in it the whole season. Addison Russell has struggled to start off his promising career, but the other young Cubs are playing well.

9. New York Yankees (11-8, Last Week-17): They had one of hardest weeks of any team so far this season and came out 5-2. The late-inning combo of Betances and Miller are just plain nasty and if they had an established 7th-inning guy, their bullpen would rival Kansas City’s.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (11-8, Last Week-23): They do not look like they will be the easy team to beat in the A.L. East as they only allowed 13 runs this week.

11. San Diego Padres (11-9, Last Week-6): Not a great week for the Padres going 3-4 against the Rockies and Dodgers. Interesting series to watch starting tonight against Houston with a good pitching matchup between McHugh and Shields.

12. Boston Red Sox (10-9, Last Week-7): None of the starting pitchers have an ERA below 4, so no matter how good that offense is they will struggle until they get more consistency out of the rotation.

13. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (9-10, Last Week-14): The top of the lineup combo of Calhoun and Trout is strong yet again, but the rest of the lineup needs to step up.

14. Baltimore Orioles (9-10, Last Week-8): Struggled for the most part this week until putting up 18 runs against Boston yesterday, and Adam Jones is still scorching hot.

15. Chicago White Sox (8-9, Last Week-22): Samardzija has pitched great in his last two starts and Sale has been Sale, they just need the rest of the rotation to step up.

16. Toronto Blue Jays (9-10, Last Week-15): Swept by the Rays and are now 1-6 against them, which shows how well they have played against the rest of the league.

17. Miami Marlins (8-11, Last Week-28): I said last week they needed to sweep Philadelphia, but sweeping the Nationals works just as well, if not better.

18. Oakland A’s (8-12, Last Week-10): Zobrist got hurt and will be out four to six weeks, but would it be a surprise to anyone if the A’s just plug someone else in and be okay?

19. Washington Nationals (7-12, Last Week-11): Still not time to panic, but they scored more than two runs only once this week and are currently on a five-game losing streak.

20. Seattle Mariners (7-11, Last Week-12): The rest of the rotation needs to pick it up because they are 3-11 when Felix does not pitch. Iwakuma’s injury and poor start worries me.

21. Colorado Rockies (10-8, Last Week- 24): I just don’t think they are legit and that’s because of their hot start last year followed by a huge collapse.

22. Minnesota Twins (8-10, Last Week-25): Everyone was talking about how bad they would be but they’ve gone 7-4 in their last 11.

23. San Francisco Giants (8-11, Last Week-27): Got a much needed sweep of the Dodgers and they play them again starting tonight, so it’ll will be interesting to see how they fare at Dodger Stadium.

24. Texas Rangers (7-11, Last Week-26): I’m looking forward to seeing how Hamilton does as he heads back to where he was successful. Even if he doesn’t play that well, I hope he destroys the Angels every time he plays them.

25. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-10, Last Week-21): If Jeremy Hellickson can get to where he used to be, their rotation could actually be pretty decent.

26. Cincinnati Reds (8-10, Last Week-20): Manager Bryan Price got a bit angry when talking to the media earlier last week. If you want to check out what he had to say, click here.

27. Cleveland Indians (6-11, Last Week-18): I’m not a fan of wins and losses for pitchers, but reigning Cy Young award winner, Corey Kluber is yet to win a game.

28. Atlanta Braves (9-9, Last Week-19): Shelby Miller has been fantastic for them, but other than him and a few others, this team is heading in the wrong direction.

29. Philadelphia Phillies (7-12, Last Week-29): Jerome Williams is in their rotation, enough said.

30. Milwaukee Brewers (4-15, Last Week-30): Doubled their win total from two to four, so they have that going for them.


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