As I sat down to start writing this, I also saw the first National League All-Star voting update. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. The only two Brewers even listed were outfielders Christian Yelich in 11th place and Lorenzo Cain in 15th place among their league counterparts.

It reflects two things. Most importantly, the Brewers fanbase is not showing out or they forgot All-Star voting started a week and a half ago. Secondly, it shows that fans outside of Milwaukee don’t know who the best players really are and sometimes vote based on name and team rather than skill.

Either way, Week 10’s take of the Brewers having four All-Stars being decided as an overreaction seems to be on the right path. My reasoning, however, was in that there were other good players that would barely squeak by Brewer players, not that the fans would forget how to vote.

My other verdict in calling the “Brewers will not be division leaders by weeks end” an overreaction also has panned out. The Crew enters play on Monday with a 0.5 game lead on the Cubs.

The Brewers start a three-game set against the North Siders on Monday.

A take that was supposed to be uncontroversial, the Lukewarm take, proved to be the only wrong one. Ji-Man Choi was traded on Sunday night to the Tampa Bay Rays for infielder Brad Miller.

Miller is two seasons removed from a 30 homer run season and could add some offense to a shortstop position that is batting at about .150 so far this season.

The Rays also picked up almost 100 percent of Miller’s 2018 salary, which brings us to our first take of Week 11.

General Manager David Stearns will win Executive of the Year

Yes. or at least he should. And this Choi for Miller trade with Tampa Bay is a perfect example of what Stearns does.

He is never not willing to give any player a chance. Choi is the example of that. The first baseman showed some life in his bat for the New York Yankees, both in a short stint in the majors and at the minor league level.

Even with Eric Thames and Ryan Braun coming into the season looking like the platoon at first with Jesus Aguilar on the bench, Stearns brought him on for Spring Training.

Stearns signed Choi knowing full well he had no real long term use for him. Through shrewd use of the 25 man roster and an Eric Thames injury, they ended up being able to use him.

They then dealt him to the Rays for a position of drastic need.

Miller is batting for a line of .256/.322/.429 so far this season to go along with five home runs, 10 doubles and 21 RBIs. His wRC+ (Runs per plate appearance with league average being 100) of 107 will surely be an upgrade over current shortstop Orlando Arcia’s wRC+ of 37.

This move alone will not win him the award. But he has done small, low risk/higher medium reward deals consistently during his tenure. It has netted him players like Jonathan Villar, Eric Thames, Jesus Aguilar, Travis Shaw and many others.

If the Brewers maintain the success they’ve had this season, it will be on David Stearns shoulders.

Verdict: Dead-on

This week’s Cubs series is important

The June series between the Brewers and Cubs has been garnering national attention and fanbases have been at each other’s throats leading up to it.

But here’s the thing people need to be reminded of. It is June. And, yes, while every series in the whole season should be regarded as important, there is still three and a half months of baseball to be played and plenty of other series to either maintain a lead or regain it.

So calm the heck down everybody and just try to not over react to every play and every pitch during what is always an intense rivalry matchup.

Lukewarm Take: I miss Jean Segura, a haiku

Hits .337,

plays defense and is good,

Arcia is bad.

Really though, Jean Segura is one of the biggest reasons the Seattle Mariners are leading an American League West that the Houston Astros were supposed to run away with.

The quick shortstop has a .479 slugging and gets on base 36 percent of the time to go with his stellar batting average. With 40 RBIs, a WAR of 2.6 and a wRC+ of 134, Segura is surely missed by Brewers fans.

In the trade that saw him leave, David Stearns brought back Chase Anderson, Isan Diaz and Aaron Hill. Anderson is struggling to maintain his top of the rotation stuff he pitched with most of last season. Isan Diaz did help net Christian Yelich form the Marlins, but you probably could have plugged and replaced another top prospect with him. Aaron Hill netted minor leaguers Aaron Wilkerson and Wendell Rijo who have yet to contribute to major league success.

Segura, if still on the Brewers right now with everything staying the same, could have elevated this already good team to a great team. But it’s always easy to play the what if game.