With football season just a few weeks away, social media creates new opportunities for Badger fans to get even an even closer look at their favorite players. When you want to know the latest breaking news, what songs each player is really into or what players have the best back-and-forth banter at each other, social media is there for you. So which accounts should you be following before this season begins?

Jon Dietzen (@DietzenJon) and Jack Cichy (@jackCICHY) are always in each others mentions. The two teammates often have snarky replies at the expense of the other.

Cichy responded to this tweet by claiming that he reported Dietzen. These two definitely are the most humorous Badger football players to follow. Their timelines are filled with jabs at other teammates, random retweets and Badger content galore.

Besides humor, the Badgers have a little bit of everything.

If you are looking for bible verses, Patrick Johnson (@PjohnsonIIis your guy. Johnson provides his Twitter followers with daily bible verses. The sophomore safety also dedicates many tweets to the Badgers, retweeting a lot of the team’s content.

Jazz Peavy (@JazzPeavywill fill you with anticipation for the season. He tweets out things like “THEY GON FEEL THIS PRESSURE!” and “If people doubt how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore”. He silences doubters and give any Badger fan chills just thinking about how well he will perform this season.

Pretty much all of the players broadcast their teammates over their timeline, but perhaps no one does this quite as well as D’Cota Dixon (@DcotaDixon1). D’Cota spends his time on Twitter building up teammates such as Madison Cone, Troy Fumagalli, Derrick Tindal and Nick Nelson, Ryan Connelly, and Chris Orr just to name a few.  The team captain definitely emphasizes the team aspect on social media.

Madison Cone (@_the_future21)  is big into praising other athletes, whether they are his current or former teammates, friends or professional athletes. Madison is always handing out a congratulations to someone on Twitter or recognizing someone’s talent.

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