Gopín’s Treinta: MLB Power Rankings Week 16

Cueto heads to Kansas City in one of the biggest trades of the week.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (63-35, Last Week-1): They are an outstanding 36-13 at home, which is 23 games above .500. No other team has an overall record 23 games above .500. The Cardinals have done that in 49 home games.

2. Kansas City Royals (59-38, Last Week-2): The addition of Cueto is huge for their rotation because it has been lacking an ace all season long. He will also help in giving that great bullpen of theirs some much needed rest.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates (57-41, Last Week-3): Went 4-3 in a tough week against the Royals and Nationals. They also traded for Aramis Ramirez, who began his career in Pittsburgh.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (56-44, Last Week-4): Seems like they are on the look for adding a starting pitcher. And now, with Cueto off the block, they will be targeting Hamels and/or Price.

5. New York Yankees (55-42, Last Week-7): They continued their winning ways against the Twins as they won 2 of 3, including a win where A-Rod hit three home runs to help them come back from a five-run deficit.

6. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (55-43, Last Week-5): Huge series coming up in Houston starting Tuesday. Could be a good chance for them to pull away, but it is hard seeing that happening with the way Houston plays at home.

7. Houston Astros (55-45, Last Week-8): The addition of Kazmir makes a good but shaky rotation turn into one of the American League’s top rotations with three pitchers with ERAs under 3.00 in Kazmir, Keuchel, and McCullers.

8. Washington Nationals (52-45, Last Week-6): This upcoming weekend they play at Citi Field for another important N.L. East series. If they do not pull away from the Mets, these head-to-head games are crucial.

9. San Francisco Giants (54-44, Last Week-11): They have taken over the second wild card spot as they have won nine of ten and now only trail the Dodgers by a game.

10. Minnesota Twins (52-46, Last Week-10): Miguel Sano has played very well so far in his major league debut, but to have continued success he will have to lower his strikeout rate of 43.33%.

11. Chicago Cubs (51-46, Last Week-9): Headed into a home series against the 30th ranked Phillies with a 0.5 game lead in the wild card and finished the series no-hit, swept, and 2.5 games behind the Giants.

12. New York Mets (51-48, Last Week-12): Called up Michael Conforto, an outfield prospect, to help the offense, but they need more to overtake Washington.

13. Toronto Blue Jays (50-50, Last Week-14): Desperately need a starter, and now with Cueto out of the mi,x they will have to go for other options.

14. Tampa Bay Rays (49-51, Last Week-15): They have some good bullpen pieces to trade if they want to with Kevin Jepsen and Jake McGee.

15. Baltimore Orioles (48-49, Last Week-13): Getting swept by the Yankees has really set them back in the division race and may even prompt them to become sellers at the deadline.

16. Detroit Tigers (48-50, Last Week-17): Shane Greene in his last seven games is 0-6 with an ERA of 11.75. This type of pitching is why the Tigers are below .500 and are falling out of the race.

17. Texas Rangers (47-50, Last Week-19): Yovani Gallardo’s trade value seems to be diminishing a bit with back-to-back starts of four innings and five earned runs against the Astros and Angels.

18. Chicago White Sox (46-50, Last Week-24): They have won four in a row and if they can take advantage of a struggling Boston team this week, they can be right back into the race if they decide not to sell.

19. San Diego Padres (47-52, Last Week-23): Even though Craig Kimbrel has had his struggles, his ERA is under three and is 29 for 30 in save opportunities.

20. Arizona Diamondbacks (46-51, Last Week-22): The D-Backs have a star in A.J. Pollock who has an OPS of .832 and 22 stolen bases.

21. Cleveland Indians (45-52, Last Week-16): Failing to provide Corey Kluber with run support has been a big reason why the Indians have been one of the biggest disappointments this season.

22. Atlanta Braves (46-52, Last Week-20): Trade value of Chris Johnson has plummeted this season as he has a slash line of .240/.277/.318/.595 and will be difficult to move.

23. Seattle Mariners (46-53, Last Week-25): Cano has been on fire in his last seven games hitting .379 with two home runs.

24. Oakland A’s (44-56, Last Week-18): Look for Clippard and Reddick to get traded within the next few days as the team has already traded away one of their best in Kazmir.

25. Boston Red Sox (44-55, Last Week-21): Horrible start to the second half has thrown them out of the race as they now trail the Yankees by 12 games.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (43-56, Last Week-27):This could be last week Gomez, Segura, and Lind are playing in Milwaukee. Acquiring some prospects is much needed for their organization.

27. Cincinnati Reds (43-53, Last Week-26):bThe fire sale has started in the Queen City with Cueto being shipped to KC. Expect Bruce, Leake, and others to be dealt by the deadline.

28. Colorado Rockies (42-54, Last Week-28): Carlos Gonzalez has increased his trade value as of late as he has hit .421 in his last 15 games with eight home runs.

29. Miami Marlins (41-58, Last Week-29): Its nice to see Jose Fernnadez succeed coming back from injury with an ERA of 2.77 and a WHIP of 0.96.

30. Philadelphia Phillies (37-63, Last Week-30): If Cole Hamels had his last start in a Phillies uniform, it was a great way to end his Philly career as he no-hit the Cubs.


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