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Wisconsin men’s hockey: Meet Trent Frederic

Photo courtesy of UW Athletics.


This weekend the Badgers will be traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan to face-off against the Wolverines for the first time this season. For freshman forward Trent “Freddie” Frederic, this trip has been long awaited – not for the anticipation of a new opponent, but those who come to watch him play.

“I went to school there last year,” said Frederic. “My friends and old teachers would come and watch me play…so [I’ll get to see them].”

Frederic’s love for hockey began at a much earlier age than most of his teammates. “I was three when I was on my first team.”

As Frederic continued to grow, the love of the game grew with him, effectively, helping him to become the outstanding player he is today.

Being a native of St. Louis, Missouri, Frederic’s love for hockey was nurtured from a very young age at the Scottstrade Center, as it was home to his favorite team, the Saint Louis Blues.

The move from Missouri to Wisconsin was a relatively easy one for Frederic to make. Being from St. Louis, Frederic was already adjusted to the chaos of city life that one finds in Madison with a few minor differences.

“Madison is more of a walking town,” said Frederic; “in St. Louis I would drive.” 

Frederic also touched on how sports tend to differ in both cities. 

“St. Louis is more of a pro-sports town,” he said. “We used to have the Rams and we have the Blues and the Cardinals…Madison is obviously more about the school’s teams.”
At the age of 18, Frederic was the first draft pick for the Boston Bruins and was the 29th overall pick in the 2016 draft. For Frederic, this is only the first step to achieving what is every hockey player’s dream: to make hockey a lifelong career. “[When you’re younger], you don’t dream as much of getting drafted as you do of playing in the NHL.” 

Frederic is no stranger to either the national or international mainstage. From an early age, he’s had the attention of scouts everywhere. While most of us were in high school, Frederic was a rising star in the hockey world. He has played for the St. Louis Junior Blues Under-16 team, the United States Under-17 team, the United States Under-18 team and has a gold medal, a bronze medal, and some unique memories to show for it.

When reflecting on his favorite hockey memory, Frederic doesn’t have to think long: “Winning gold in Sweden was pretty awesome.”

Around the age of 17, Frederic helped team USA along to victory in the Under-18 Five Nations Tournament after scoring a game-winning goal against Sweden in Game 2 of the tournament.

Frederic’s achievements on the international stage don’t stop in Sweden. Frederic played in the Internation Ice Hockey Federation Under-18 World Championship in 2016 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

During the World Championship, Frederic helped team USA to a bronze medal as he marked seven points, four of which were goals. Three of the four goals Frederic scored were actually a hat trick when the USA took on Latvia and emerged with a 12-1 victory. Frederic said being able to play on team USA “was the best 2 years of [his] life.”

Now that Frederic has been drafted into the NHL, he may once again be on the world’s stage with a shot at the Olympics. When faced with the idea of playing for team USA once again, Frederic smiled and said, “Yeah, I mean that would be pretty sweet.”

When preparing to take the ice, Frederic doesn’t have any strange pre-game rituals or routines. “I like to kick the soccer ball and drink lots of water…I tend to do things differently before each game, just mix it up,” he said. When Frederic’s out on the ice, he focuses on what he has to do there and then; he doesn’t “really think about anything besides hockey when [he’s] out there.”

Tune into the game this weekend as the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Michigan Wolverines. The puck drops on both Friday, December 9th and Saturday, December 10th at 6:30pm. You can watch all the action as it unfolds Friday night on ESPN News or listen in on 1310 AM.