All right, I’ll make this quick because it’s Christmas and we can’t let this affect our day. Maybe easier said than done, but we have to try. The Milwaukee Bucks got to play on Christmas Day for the second year in a row, but this one went much worse than the last. The Philadelphia 76ers shot the lights out at their home court and defeated the Bucks handily, 121-96.

Let’s just stick to the facts because they tell a great deal of the story in this one. The 76ers shot 44% from the field and 47% from three, making 21 total threes. The Bucks shot 48% from the field but 39% from three, with just 13 threes. That should be all the explanation needed, but there’s more.

The Bucks were out-rebounded by two on the night, but the first 42ish minutes of the game were very lopsided. Philly had six more assists, a category the Bucks usually do very well on as it means their offense if flowing. Lastly, five different 76ers made at least three threes. For a team know for lacking shooters, it was quite the outlier of a game.

The most painful part will be hearing about it from the national media until the Bucks return to national TV, which won’t happen again until January 8th in Oakland. With social media already a mess about the game, I advise to stay off for the rest of the day and enjoy family, food, and more basketball.

The Milwaukee Bucks still have the best record in the league and the MVP. Merry Christmas.