I was going to sit this one out. I was going to keep to myself and enjoy the fact that I do not have to watch the New York Giants lose until September. But now I cannot, and here I am to express how it feels to be the laughing stock of the draft.
The NFL draft is a great time to be a fan. It brings hope for most teams by being able to improve specific weaknesses and acquire young talent. Fanbases of teams that tank yearns for this day. And fans of Superbowl winning teams, wait to see who Belichick can pick up to further improve a dynasty.
The Giants have a lot of holes to fill and in the past few months made some poor decisions, for example trading Odell Beckham Jr. All I asked for, as a fan, going into the draft is to make the best use of the sixth pick in the NFL draft. I did not have a particular player that if he weren’t selected, I would boycott. I did not have a hate list of who I would never cheer for. I just wanted them to make the best choice possible.
This was too much to ask for. How could I have been so naive to expect the Giants to make a smart draft choice?
Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones? Daniel Jones!

You can hear me on WSUM.org as a guest on a mock draft podcast explain why the Giants should not pick a quarterback. So I will avoid that train of thought.
Instead, I want to explain how this affects me as a fan. I am utterly hurt. It is hard to think that an organization with my sole support and pride can embarrass itself and me. I will admit, I had a laugh after Murry was selected, back to back first round quarterbacks is never a good look for an organization. I chuckled as the Raiders picked Clelin Ferrel. But that chuckle was because he went a little earlier than expected, not because he is a useless pick.
Boy, karma came quickly to me after that chuckle. I would describe Daniel Jones as a useless pick. The internet agrees with this, and I now have two reasons to stay off Twitter. One to stop seeing all the memes and reminders that the Giants’ season is hopeless, and two to avoid Endgame spoilers.
So with the sixth pick in the NFL Draft, the New York Giants have prevented me from enjoying Twitter, made me feel hopeless to watch football and pledge money to buy the team from John Mara.
I now have no choice but to hope that every team ties next season just because that would be more fun to watch than seeing the look of confusion on Eli Manning’s face after an interception with Jones behind him with his helmet off and headphones on. The over-the-shoulder view of Manning and Jones looking at a Microsoft Surface on the sidelines might bring tears to my eyes as it breaks my heart.
Most other draft picks I agree with and hope all fans have an enjoyable NFL season when we are so lucky for it to return. As for myself and Giants fans, let’s recycle all paper bags and cut appropriate eyeholes. Now is the time to start going into hiding.