Newbrug.pngSunburnt and hungry for a win the Badgers had another doubleheader on Monday in Tampa, Florida. After adjusting to the weather and long lines at Waffle House, the team earned its first win of the day against Bowling Green State University.  The thirteen to three victory was what 1B Connor Rolain described as a “barrel show.”

Hits came from all over the lineup with four from RF Harry Porter, three from SS Jake Canvaiani, two from P Nick Newburg, two from 3B Ed Olson, two from 1B Connor Rolain, one from LF Gus Turner-Zick, one from CF Nick Iacovo, one from C Casey Roeser, and one from 2B Matt Gramins. Most hits and runs came from the first inning where the team put up nine runs.

Later in the fourth two runs were scored off wild pitches, one by Cavaiani, who was just cleared to play before game time. The other by Olson, who also yet again proved he CAN catch foul balls.

While the barrel show was in progress on offense, the defense had a big showing for the Badgers. Starting Pitcher Nick Newburg pitched eight strikeouts and allowed only two runs.  C Casey Roeser stepped up to the mound to close the game. Bringing his catcher mentality to the mound, Roeser was able to pick-off a runner at second to bring the game one strike away from ending in the bottom of the fifth because of the ten-run rule. Roeser did just that and sent the Team into their next game against Iowa State University.

The Godfrey Hotel showdown ended in a Badger loss eight to six, and now the Cyclones got to place their McDonalds orders first after the game.

Starting Pitcher, Trey Mohr, brought all of his heat to the mound. While pitching a game of straight fire and heaters, the Iowa State team was hungry for hits and able to get balls where they needed to be. Mohr exited the game with four strikeouts and allowing eight earned runs. While the game did not end in the result Mohr wanted, the pitching shows his ferocity on the mound brings high hopes for the rest of the season for this Badger’s pitching staff. Nonetheless, the text was sent to Grover in the bullpen, and Drew Gorski made his way onto the mound to close out the game. Gorski finished the game with six strikeouts.

The Badgers were able to earn six runs, but they did not come easy. Iowa State’s pitcher Jiahong Mi pitched an excellent game only allowing two hits from 3B Ed Olson, two from LF Gus Zick-Turner, two from CF Nick Iacovo, one from SS Jake Cavaiani, one from C Ryan Hubbell, and one from 1B Connor Rolain.

After two long days of baseball and Coach Blythe jamming out to tunes managed by Ryan McLaughlin (and Casey Roeser), the Badgers are set to spend some time resting and enjoying the sensation of warm weather before returning to Madison after their last game on Thursday.