What a miraculous weekend for the Badgers. Not only did we have an intense triple overtime football game, in which we won and covered, but we also covered the spread in basketball. A great weekend to say the least.

Now I know, the hopes for the Badgers season are low as it seems Northwestern will be the choice for the Big Ten Championship. But I have defended the fight to beat the spread for this long. I will defend it for our last regular season game.

The Minnesota Gophers are coming to town the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I just hope that a big Minnesota meal will slow these Gophers down. They are 5-6 and let’s maintain over and prevent them from earning a bowl game.

The spread is set at Wisconsin as favorites at -10. Oh boy, a two-score spread. The last game Minnesota played they only lost to Northwestern by 10 points and as we know, the Badgers are no Northwestern. Also, the Badgers only beat Purdue by 3 points.

By the way I want to take a moment to talk about that game. It was an electric, absolutely electric showing from the Badgers, well maybe just Jonathan Taylor. Coan showed us a little bit of his talents towards the end of the game as the Badgers came back and he finished the game with a 66% pass completion, 209 yards with two touchdowns and the most importantly, NO INTERCEPTIONS. Take notes Hornibrook. Back to Taylor, 33 carries averaging 9.7 yards on each! Incredible, absolutely incredible and I just hope he keeps it up this game and the rest of his career. He did have 3 touchdowns, but I just feel that almost averaging a first down every carry is more valuable than 21 points.

JT by the light of god

The keys to this game and covering, is to keep the strength in the running game and let Coan show off a little bit. He can get yards if he has a chance to play. Also, the defense needs to tighten up. Giving up 125 yards in penalties is unacceptable and could result in losing this game.

Lastly, I just want to give a big thank you to my friends and supporters. This has been a lot of fun and I hope I shed some light on the meaning of the spread and brought some enjoyment to your Saturday mornings. Stay tuned because I will transition this article to basketball. The Badgers are currently ranked, and this will be and exciting season.