Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

In football, you need to have a short term memory. Forget about the last play, and move on the the next. We especially need to keep this in mind after the Penn State catastrophe. I have already forgot that we even played a game that week. I even forgot that Penn State’s original colors were pink and black.

Well… I wish I could forget that but I can’t. On the flip side, there were a lot of other great things to remember from this weekend.

1.Cal pulled an upset fifteen years in the making beating USC

2. Notre Dame broke the curse of the green uniforms

3.Mike Leach touched all of our hearts with a great post game interview.

Now Badgers, please, just one time, leave me happy on a Saturday. I want to live to remember these games rather than repress them game after game. Even if we lose, can Paul Chryst have an over the top interview or something to show he’s a football guy?? But look, we are on the road again. Which isn’t good, but it is Purdue… Purdue, the same team that blew out The Ohio State.

Both teams are 4-3 in the conference. Let’s look to see what the spread is set at. Purdue is favored at -4. Alright, the Badgers are road dogs again, this could be a good thing. All we have to do is win, and by doing that, we cover too.

Throughout the season Purdue has been unpredictable, beating the scandalous Urban Meyer, but having an earlier blow out loss to a bunch of Gophers. The same could be said for the Badgers, though, as we watched a loss to BYU.

I never thought I would say this, but to win this game, we need… Alex Hornibrook. We need him. Coan could not, would not, and should not start this weekend. 9-20, 60 yards, and 2 interceptions. Nathan Peterman could put up better numbers than these! Okay, that was a little mean, I’ll admit, but still he is not ready to work in this system. Now Purdue does not have an end all, stop all defense, but with Coan in the backfield, teams press the line more knowing he isn’t going to throw down field. Knowing he won’t throw down field also shuts down the run game, which could be in big trouble if Taiwan Deal is not healthy.

If Hornibrook starts, Wisconsin can spread the field a bit more having a passing and running threat. However, the Badgers still have to overcome some major defensive holes. The key will be our third down defense. In Purdue’s most recent loss to Minnesota, they went 0-12 on third downs. This puts a lot of pressure on the defensive backs to make sure Blough can’t throw down field and get a first down.

So Badgers, please make this a memorable Saturday. Cover the spread, win the game. We need to keep our faith in this team. Especially because the Big Ten West really isn’t all too good.