Yet another March Madness is upon us. This one is a tad different, however, as our beloved Wisconsin Badgers will not be participating. On a personal note, this is the first Big Dance of my lifetime in which the Badgers have taken a seat. Therefore, we must find our No. 2’s and our B-teams to root for in March Madness.

Anyone in the Midwestern Region not named Duke.

 My bias leaks in on this pick, but I hope many other Badgers fans feel the same way. Some teams that are included in the Midwestern Region, not named Duke, include: Kansas, Michigan State, Auburn, Clemson, TCU, and Rhode Island. The fiery hatred still burns and the salt is still being poured from the championship loss in 2015.

Every Big Ten Team

Only four teams from the Big Ten Conference are dancing this year. That’s the lowest since 2008. There’s plenty of reason to believe the Big Ten got slighted by the committee. Purdue got a No. 2 seed, Michigan State and Michigan got No. 3 seeds, and Ohio State got a No. 5 seed. Meanwhile, in the NIT tournament, Penn State got a No. 4 seed and Nebraska got a No. 5 seed. Is the committee really going to say there was that big of a difference between the 4 and 5 teams in the Big Ten? Regardless, the Big Ten has a lot of talent representing in the Big Dance and could make for a good show.

(P.S. Every Big Ten win means money for the Big Ten.)

Arizona State

For those who haven’t seen the video of Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley losing his mind when he found out his brother, Bobby, and Arizona State made the tournament, I have it here:

That kind of passion and desire for someone else’s success is something to admire and aspire to have ourselves. This is a great story and one that should be incredibly easy to root for.


This is another salty-rivalry pick. No. 12 Davidson plays Kentucky in the first round and is arguably one of the better lower-seed teams. Kentucky won the SEC tournament and by all means is a good team deserving of their No. 5 seed and maybe more, but Davidson has a fair shot at taking down the Wildcats in the first round. Then, if Kentucky gets past Davidson, Arizona, barring an upset from No. 13 Buffalo, will be waiting in the second round.