The University of Wisconsin-Madison hired former Badger basketball player Alando Tucker as the Director for Student-Athelte Engagement on Thursday afternoon.

Tucker played on the Wisconsin basketball team in the 2002-07 seasons. He set the all-time scoring record at 2,217 points. His senior year, Alando Tucker was a finalist for every major national player of the year award, including winning the 2007 Senior CLASS Award.

After graduating from Madison with a degree in life science communication, Tucker played three seasons in the NBA and seven years playing internationally. Alando Tucker founded and became the CEO of Arcitec Basketball in May of 2015, a consulting agency specializing in mentoring student, as well as professional, athletes. Arcitec’s goal is to help athletes transitioning out of the game to establish a life outside of athletics, usually by helping them build personal networks through community service.

Tucker’s main role as Director of Student-Athlete Engagement will be to advise incoming student-athletes and their families to help them adjust to Madison life as well as how to best succeed academically.