1. Stick With it in the Offseason

This is hands-down the most important tip for people who want to get better at fantasy football. There is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on fantasy football during the season – that’s how most people play.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am obsessed with the game of football. I have found that staying involved in fantasy football in the offseason is a great outlet for my obsession in the less interesting portion of the year.

By staying involved in fantasy football during the offseason, you have a better chance to learn more about the game and its players. You can learn more about trends and make better decisions come draft day.

2. Look at the Statistics

The end of the fantasy year is great for research. Early in the season, the problem is that we don’t know trends and don’t have sufficient data to make sure-fire decisions. The end of another season means we have 17 more games to better understand players and decisions.

Of course, not all numbers are true. Some players just have bad years. On the other hand, some players over-perform. The point is to use this season as another layer for your research.

3. Find a Fantasy Football Podcast or Talk Show

The beauty of fantasy football podcasts or talk shows is that you only need half an hour or an hour to listen, but in that time experts discuss the countless hours of research they’ve done leading up to then. Basically, they do the research that you might not have time to do. If school, work or other responsibilities didn’t take up most of our time, it would be easy to do huge amounts of research. Our benefit is that it’s an expert’s job to research fantasy football. They’re required to watch hours of film, scan databases and statistics and formulate educated opinions.

It helps to find a podcast you actually enjoy listening to. A few of my recommendations would include The Fantasy Footballers and Fantasy Focus Football.

4. Shake Up Your League

Now is the perfect – and arguably, only – time to make changes to your league. Some could include:

  • Changing league platform (NFL.com to ESPN, etc.)
  • Changing scoring format (Standard to PPR, etc.)
  • Changing league format (Standard redraft to Keeper, etc.)
  • Deciding league punishments
  • Other small changes (schedule, rosters, etc.)

Bring ideas to your league or commish. Even if it’s something you don’t think everyone would like, it’s good to get everyone’s opinions and it might lead to other ideas.

5. The Business of Football

A major component of fantasy football is the business of real football. During the offseason, read up on certain aspects of the business of football to make better decisions in fantasy football.

Player contracts are the more important aspect to focus on. Some players could be at the end of their contracts and sign with other teams, while others might be going into their last year and have extra motivation to perform.