The Milwaukee Bucks have recovered from their four game losing streak swiftly upon the arrival of point guard Eric Bledsoe. After dropping four straight games while allowing 105 points or more in all of them, the team let loose the newly acquired 27 year old guard from the Phoenix Suns.

Bledsoe has started both games since being traded, with Rookie of the Year award winner Malcolm Brogdon moving back to the sixth man role. Winning those two games, Milwaukee’s defense showed improvement and Bledsoe demonstrated why he is a good fit for the team.

With two legitimate options to manage the game without the help of Giannis Antetokounmpo, suddenly the Bucks are playing more fluidly and creating trouble on both ends of the court. Bledsoe and Brogdon are both completely capable guards on both ends of the floor, and taking some of the pressure off of the Greek Freak will pay dividends late in the season when fatigue begins to set in harder.

I’m looking to make guys better, make it easy on some of the guys like Giannis, Khris, Brogdon,” said Bledsoe.

With his dynamic athleticism and speed, Bledsoe will do just that. Defensively he is more capable of staying with agile and quick small guards that Milwaukee has struggled with such as Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, etc. In games against the Spurs and Lakers as a Buck, Bledsoe has been able to turn steals and turnovers into transition points, lightening the ball handling load for Giannis while creating more chances for the MVP candidate to get open off the ball in the open floor.

Bledsoe adds necessary depth to the Bucks lineup, and with forward Jabari Parker expected back sometime this winter, Milwaukee is fixing up to be a serious force in the East. If the team’s front office is able to keep the talented young core they have right now together in years to come, championship dreams ought to turn closer and closer to reality for Bucks fans.