Season seven of Game of Thrones started last Sunday night and it felt amazing to be back in Westeros. I started comparing some of the characters to Wisconsin athletes. There are some spoilers! This is in no way meant to be definitive. I would love to hear other arguments!

Russell Wilson – Theon Greyjoy

Theon’s had a pretty wild character arch. He was with the Starks, betrayed the Starks, became Reek, and now is at the side of Daenerys.

Before he lived with the Starks as part of a post-war treaty, he lived on the Iron Island with the Greyjoys.

Before Russell Wilson was a Badger, he played at NC State. Then he transferred to UW. Theon’s move to Winterfell was like a transfer (except for, you know, it being against his will and lasting much longer than one year).

Theon being in Winterfell were his best days. Good Theon! Then he rebelled against the Starks. Bad Theon!

Russell Wilson being in Madison exposed Badger fans to the best quarterbacking they’ve seen at UW. Good Russell! Since, he’s made Packer fans hurt multiple times with the Fail Mary and the 2015 NFC Championship game. Bad Russell!

Giannis Antetekounmpo – Night King

Obviously, the Night King is inherently evil and Giannis is our hero and savior. The Night King is bad, and Giannis is everything that is right with the world.

However, the Night King is magical. He has the ability to reanimate dead people and turn them into soldiers in his army. He’s been alive for thousands of years. His eyes are beautiful. He is magical.

Giannis Antetekounmpo is also magical. He can dunk from further out than anyone else. His limbs never end. Giannis literally just had a season in which he did something that no one else ever has, finishing in the top 20 of every statistical category.

The Night King is magic. Giannis is magic.

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers – Ned Stark and Jon Snow

I’m grouping Brett and Aaron together for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Ned is Jon’s “dad.” Aaron succeeded Brett as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. This is kind of lazy, but so be it.

Secondly, Ned Stark and Jon Snow had a very awkward relationship. Catelyn Stark hated Jon because Ned supposedly had Jon with another woman (…haha). This made Jon and Ned’s relationship weird, too.

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers had a notably awkward relationship as well. After Aaron was drafted, Brett famously said it’s not his job to be a mentor. There is also this excerpt from a CBS News article:

“His relationship with Favre used to be as icy as Lambeau Field. Two years ago, after his mentor left Green Bay, Rodgers claimed that it wasn’t just that the two hadn’t talked in over a year – but that Favre wouldn’t even return his phone calls. “That’s disappointing,” Rodgers said at the time.”

It seems as if Brett and Aaron’s relationship has gotten better over time which warms my heart, sadly for Ned and Jon…it didn’t end up so great for Ned.

Ryan Braun – Jamie Lannister

Both of these guys have a long history of being a hero and a villain.

Jamie was a pompous prick for the first few seasons, but over time he became a likable character. The man needs to move on from Cersei. Seriously, Jamie. You deserve better. Plus, she’s your sister.

Ryan Braun was becoming a legendary Brewer (I mean, he still probably is) after having some amazing seasons, even winning an MVP. Of course, Braun had his fall from grace after getting caught juicing. He swore he never took them. He lied.

Jabari Parker – Bran Stark

This one hurts to write. Bran basically started the whole series when he got pushed from a tower by Jamie, igniting the fighting among the families. He lost the use of his legs.

Kind of parallel to Bran, Jabari tore his ACL twice in three seasons. I’m very sad right now.

However, the Three Eyed Raven told Bran he will fly. Jabari Parker flies.