The Wisconsin men’s basketball team will travel to Australia and New Zealand for a five-game, 12 day trip from August 12th through the 24th.

“With such an influx of newcomers on the roster this year, this is really an ideal time for a trip like this,” head coach Greg Gard said in a press release from the University. “The experience we’ll gain is invaluable. The extra practices and travel experiences can expedite team bonding and chemistry and then obviously the games will give our guys a great chance to get their feet wet.”

With only one starter returning in Ethan Happ, Gard’s hope is that the new guys will be able to mesh on and off the court with the rest of the team.

Their schedule is as follows:

Aug. 15 – vs. New Zealand Breakers
Aug. 17 – vs. Tauranga City Basketball
Aug. 19 – vs. Hawthorne
Aug. 20 – vs. Melbourne United
Aug. 22 – vs. Sydney Kings

The Badgers traveled to Canada four years ago before the 2013 season, a season that culminated in a Final Four trip. Per NCAA rules, teams are only allowed to travel internationally every four years.

“This summer, our newcomers are being exposed to things they normally wouldn’t get until October. The opportunity to learn our terminology and our defensive concepts is priceless,” Gard said in the press release. “With the two hours per week we get with the team, and now 10 additional practices, our guys will spend a lot of time with each other and will have a big head start by the time the season rolls around.”