The Milwaukee Bucks looking to possibly sign (or pull off a sign and trade) for point guard Derrick Rose makes sense.

When the news broke early yesterday morning that Rose was meeting with the Bucks, fans all across the state lost their cool and were united in negative opinions. But here’s the thing, no matter if the scenario is that the Bucks front office is actually trying to land Rose or trying to use him for means to another end, this would be a smart move.

Here are the two scenarios:

Wanting Rose

If the Bucks actually want Rose because of the player he is, I like this idea. The key will be if they can snag him off the market on a favorable contract. An ideal contract would be a one year deal.

Most likely they will need to pull off a sign and trade with the Knicks so they will have the cap space to have Rose on the roster. That trade would most likely send Greg Monroe to the Knicks along with a pick and maybe another player.

Many Bucks fans are just skipping to the fact they believe Rose, as a player, would not fit and not work well in the Bucks system. But lets look at the facts.

During the 2016-17 season, the Bucks used two point guards in Matthew Dellavedova and Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon.

While Brogdon showed real promise averaging just over 10 ppg and 4.2 assists, all the while being a consistent player all through the season, Dellavedova was anything but.

Despite having a nice playoff run, the fourth year point guard averaged just seven ppg and 4.7 assists. Over the course of the season, he lost his starting spot to a second round rookie.

In 64 games last season, Rose averaged 18 ppg (more than Brogdon and Dellavedova combined). While his assists average was near a career low, 4.4, that can be attributed as an outlier, especially when looking around to the team Phil Jackson and the Knicks put around him. In previous years he was a lot closer to averaging five assists per game while earlier in his career he was well about six or seven.

Surrounding Rose with Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and even the new found sharp shooter in Tony Snell; the Bucks could see a Rose much closer to looking like the All-Star playmaker of 2012.

Rose wouldn’t even have the pressure of starting the games night in and night out. Brogdon showed he is a capable player and can start for the Bucks. That takes pressure off of Rose and takes miles off of his knees.

Using Rose

There are two ways the Bucks front office could be using Rose. As a way to rid themselves of Greg Monroe, Mirza Teletovic and Matthew Dellavedova’s cap-consuming contracts in a sign and trade (this would be contingent on if Rose only took a one year deal) or as a way to drum up competition and chatter in the trade market for those two previously named players.

As for the first possible use, in a sign and trade with the Knicks, the Bucks could send them a package of Monroe and Dellavedova along with a draft pick in exchange for Derrick Rose.

Currently Monroe and Dellavedova are due over $27 million combined in 2017-18. Monroe is a free agent after the next season, but Dellavedova is due almost $10 million over the next three seasons. That much to a point guard coming off of the bench is just not worth the price. Rose is a better player than Dellavedova and also, the contract is a one year deal, Rose could turn into some nice trade bait.

If Rose would end up being dealt from the Bucks, that’s almost $30 million a year that just got freed up. It may have been a weird, long process to that $30 million, but hey, we go there.

Now, if the intentions are not real to get the deal done, then at the very least the perspective that the two sides are talking are good for both sides.

For Rose, it drums up interest in his free agency and creates a market. For the Bucks it shows, no matter how staged, big name free agents are interested and it could stir up interest in the Monroe trade market.

No matter how you slice this pie, no matter the outcome, this is a good thing for the Bucks.