The 2018 recruiting process for the Wisconsin football program was going well and, as normal, under the radar until news broke on Friday, that quarterback recruit Ben Bryant was forced to decommit. This occurred following contact with a coach from the University of Georgia. Bryant sent out a tweet explaining his side of the story. Read below (or read just under for a recap.)

If you decided to skip the lengthy tweet, here’s a recap.

  • Bryant commits to Wisconsin back in December.
  • He had plans to early enroll and essays written for an early application.
  • Then, he gets contacted by a coach from the University of Georgia and receives an offer.
  • Following his contact with Georgia, Bryant reaches out to a Coach Budmayr of Wisconsin, affirming his loyalty to the program.
  • Wisconsin informs Bryant that he is no longer a fit for the program.

Something left unmentioned in Bryant’s side of what happened was a tweet that he posted two days prior.

It is clear Wisconsin did not feel comfortable with the prospect of Bryant coming into the fold in 2018, or even felt that Bryant could switch allegiances before signing day months down the road. Wisconsin has yet to make a public comment on the situation.

Bryant had just recently been joined by fellow three-star commit, Chase Wolf. With the cluttered backfield Wisconsin currently has, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Bryant felt the need to entertain other options. Playing time in Madison would’ve been a premium when upon Bryant’s arrival.

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