With the Super Bowl fast approaching, it is always interesting to look at some of the prop bets. 2017 doesn’t disappoint, and we’ve compiled some of the best (and most ridiculous) prop bets to look for on Sunday. 

1. Total Tweets sent by @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump Accounts on Super Bowl Sunday. Retweets do not count. 12:00am to 11:59pm EST. (Over 7.5: -120, Under 7.5)

You have to think Trump is going to hit the over on this one. I just don’t see a situation where Trump doesn’t spend his first Super Bowl as president tweeting about the game. This is, of course, not to mention his personal relationship with both Tom Brady and Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

2. Will Lady Gaga Have All Blonde Hair For Her 1st Song At Halftime Show? (Yes: -400, No: +225)

This is a tough call because while Lady Gaga is typically blonde, the Super Bowl is no regular performance. With that said, I think she keeps her hair blonde – at least for the first song.

3. First score of the game will be (Touchdown: -155, Any Other Score: +130)

Both of these teams thrive on red zone conversions and not settling for field goals. With Tom Brady and Matt Ryan under center, we will have a touchdown to start the game.

4. How long will it take Luke Bryan to sing the US National Anthem, from his first to last note (Over 127.5 seconds: -140, Under 127.5 seconds: even)

This is a classic prop bet that pops up almost every year. But Luke Bryan is not Christina Aguilera. He cares more about the integrity of the national anthem than holding “free” until he is blue in the face. Under.

5. Will there be a missed extra point, no touchdown means no action (Yes: +300, No: -400)

Both Stephen Gostkowski and Matt Bryant are veteran kickers, they have a combined extra point conversion rate of over 96 percent. But the Super Bowl brings chaos and with chaos comes missed extra points. This could go either way

6. Who Will Have More: Indiana/Wisconsin first half points, or Tom Brady and Matt Ryan total pass attempts (Indiana/Wisconsin first half points: +7.5 (+105), Tom Brady plus Matt Ryan pass attempts: -7.5 (-135) )

You’re on your own with this one. Good luck.