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Wisconsin football: Badgers stay at No. 6 in College Football Playoff rankings

Rebecca Haas, Sconnie Sports Talk


As the season comes closer and closer to the final weeks, all eyes are on the college football playoff rankings. This week, the Wisconsin Badgers came in at No. 6, the same as last week.

Wisconsin is coming into championship week off of a win against rival Minnesota and they will be taking on the #7 team in the nation for the Big Ten crown.

Despite a loss to Ohio State, Michigan stayed ahead of Wisconsin at No. 5. It is seeming pretty clear that Wisconsin will need some help to get into the playoff.

The rest of the rankings are as follows.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington
  5. Michigan
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Penn State
  8. Colorado
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. USC
  12. Florida State
  13. Auburn
  14. Florida
  15. West Virginia
  16. Western Michigan
  17. Stanford
  18. Navy
  19. Utah
  20. LSU
  21. Florida
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Houston
  24. Pittsburgh