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Wisconsin football: Badgers thankful for each other


MADISON — Heading into this season, expectations were low for the Wisconsin Badgers. Unranked, an afterthought for most in the College Football Playoff picture, Wisconsin has made this year, no matter what happens the rest of the season, a very successful one.

Talk to most Wisconsin fans and they’ll tell you how thankful they are for this football team and the memories they’ve left us with.

Winning on a last second interception in Lambeau, trouncing Michigan State on the road and an overtime victory against Nebraska on Halloween weekend; fans are sure to have a lot to be thankful for as they sit down at dinner tables on Thanksgiving.

But what about the players? Below are a few quotes about what players are thankful for or what it means to them that they play for Wisconsin.

What does it mean to play for Wisconsin?

“It’s really cool. In the tight end room you have all the tight ends. We have all these legends that came through here so we’re just trying to uphold the tradition that they all came through with and left when they went to the next level.” – Kyle Penniston

“It means a lot. It means a lot of great guys came before me. Great running backs came before me. For me to fill in their shoes, and contribute to this team, it means a lot. It’s a blessing for me coming out here each week and being part of this team.” – Bradrick Shaw

“It means a lot. It’s a special place to play. I’ve been coming here a long time, watching my brothers play here and just being able to run out that tunnel is such a special feeling and also you don’t really how special our fans are until you go to other places and realize how different it is at other places. We definitely have something special here and I love playing in front of the fans at Camp Randall.” – T.J. Watt

What are you thankful for?

“The team. This is a very great team, a fun team to be a part of. Great locker room. We’ve grown very close. I would say that is the biggest thing I’m thankful for, these guys, being a captain, being able to represent them and having relationships with all of them.” – Dare Ogunbowale

“Candy yams, stuffing, if I could take certain things from my aunties back home, I’d take my aunties, Macaroni cheese, baked beans. I just love Thanksgiving.” – Sojourn Shelton

“I’m thankful for, obviously, the other offensive linemen I have. I think we’re really gelling, not only is it the starting five, but it’s everybody. I think we’re all thankful for each other and looking forward to what every body brings to the table.” – Beau Benzschawel

“I’m just thankful that when I’m on the field, I can count on the people next to me. That’s what I’m thankful for.” – George Rushing

“I’d say we’ve got a bunch of unselfish guys that are here to contribute in the team. No one cares about their own self, and their ego goes out the door. We come in every day to work.” – Alex Hornibrook