In what seemed to be a coordinated action, a large group of UW-Madison student athletes, including Badger Football players Reggie Love, Arrington Farrar and D’Cota Dixon and Women’s Hockey standout Sarah Nurse tweeted out the following picture, demanding change for racially-discriminatory actions pervasive throughout campus:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.59.23 PM.png

The message is part of a string of actions taken by predominantly-black UW-Madison student athletes throughout the course of 2016. On October 15th, Nigel Hayes carried a sign around at College Gameday asking students and fans to send him money to help a “broke college athlete”.


Then, on October 29th when Wisconsin football faced off against Nebraska at home, a fan, later discovered to be a season-ticket holder, was asked to remove a costume that included imagery of President Obama being hung by a noose.

Likely, the response tonight from student-athletes come in response to a marginal and slow-paced administrative response from UW-Madison over the October 29th incident. However, with growing racial tensions on a disproportionately-white campus and a presidential election literally hours away, student-athletes may be motivated by any number of factors.