MADISON — Both quarterbacks Alex Hornibrook and Bart Houston were satisfied with the win on Saturday night though they both know the quarterback position needs improvement in the last few games of the season, especially with the possibility for a playoff run.

“We knew we wanted to play both Bart and Alex,” Chryst said of his decision to play the two quarterbacks on Saturday.

Hornibrook ended up finishing with 10 of 16 throws for 71 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Houston had 4-7 for 43 yards and one interception. In overtime it was Chryst’s decision to keep Houston in the game with him saying, “both could have gone in. We just kind of stayed with him [Bart].”

“Never a plan,” Houston said of the quarterback rotations throughout the game. “That’s kind of how our coaching staff goes. No plan. I’m pretty cool with it too. It’s just whatever happens, happens.”

Hornibrook, who has been listed as the starter though has seen his time being shared with Houston more frequently on the field, said he does not think too much about such rotations between him and Houston and just focuses on his own improvement.

“Whatever it takes to win the game, but I also know where I can improve and places I can get better at,” Hornibrook said.

“Obviously I want to play. Everyone wants to play, but it was good to get a win.”

We’ll get an update on the quarterback situation on Monday.