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Badgers: Alvarez agrees to three-year extension


Former Wisconsin football coach and current UW athletic director Barry Alvarez signed a three-year contract extension through January 31, 2021 on Wednesday.

“Alvarez’s new agreement went into effect on Sept. 1 and was the result of a successful performance review with UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank,” the Badgers said in a press release.

Alvarez signed a new deal in 2013 that was originally set to expire in 2018. Alvarez’s 2016 salary is slated at 1.1 million.

This is Alvarez’s 13th year as UW’s athletic director. Alvarez was both the athletic director and head coach of the football program in 2004-05, before deciding to focus on the athletic director job solely.

During Alvarez’s tenure as athletic director, the Badgers have won 56 conference championships and 14 national championships.

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