Earlier this year, it was reported former Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders would look into making a return to the NBA “once he reaches ‘stability’ with his passions away from the basketball court.”

Since his departure from the Bucks and NBA one a year ago, Sanders has been working on his art and music, while mainly living in Los Angeles. Once a 10-points, nine-rebound per game contributor, Sanders career started to fizzle following a 2013 bar fight that sidelined him with a thumb injury for an extended time, just months after he had signed a four-year deal worth $44 million with the Bucks.

A few months later, an eye injury knocked him out for the rest of the season. He was suspended twice the following season for violating the NBA’s substance abuse policy, and then took a leave of absence over Christmas to deal with personal issues. Not too long after that, Sanders announced he would be leaving the game to retire for the time being, agreeing to a buyout with Milwaukee that left the organization paying him $13 million over the next three seasons. With the league’s stretch provision policy, the Bucks will be paying Sanders ~$1.9 million through the 2020-21 season.

SB Nation/Brew Hoop

Today, Sanders is eyeing a comeback to the NBA, but it uncertain what team he will pursue if and when that time comes.

“Once my art, music and passions off the court feel stable, I will look into coming back,” Sanders told The Vertical. “I still love basketball. I want stability around me, and part of my mindset to leave was not to put all my eggs in one basket.

 “I feel highly valuable on any team. There aren’t a lot of people who can bring my game to a team. I still play basketball all the time, staying in shape. I will need to make sure the situation is right for me.”
Sanders had some fun via Twitter recently, toying with fan reactions on possible destinations. His first tweet involved a poll of some of the heavy hitters in the NBA today.

His next one included the Bucks.

In between those tweets, Sanders also tweeted out an “Or Bucks?” tweet that has now apparently been deleted. With Sanders having some fun, we must ask you Bucks fans, would you want Sanders back on the team?

If this all goes through for Sanders, he will be a risky addition for whoever chooses to take the leap of faith on him. Proven once he can play at a somewhat elite level, Sanders does not offer much on the offensive side, but contributes significantly on the boards and on the defensive side. He could be a valuable asset for a team looking to improve their interior defense and overall rebounding.

Like the Bucks?

Yes, it’s true. On paper the Bucks would love to add (the old) Sanders back into their roster. After investing a good deal into Greg Monroe last year, it is starting to seem he is not the right fit in Milwaukee. More of a back-to-the-basket low post scorer, Monroe’s offensive style contradicts what head coach Jason Kidd is pushing to accomplish.

And then, there’s the defense.

According to basketball-reference, Monroe had a defensive rating of 106 last season, which is an estimate of the number of points a player would give up per 100 possessions. Since joining the league, Monroe has had a defensive rating of over 100 every season. Sanders? Just once.

Let’s not forget Sanders’ nearly-two blocks per game. While the Bucks ranked in the middle of the league in blocks last season, they ranked 22nd in the league in opponent points in paint.

If Sanders is serious about this comeback, it is safe to assume many teams will be pitching their best proposals to him to join their respective team. On paper, he may help the Bucks, but the memory of him walking out on Milwaukee will always remain.