After announcing their partnership with Under Armour in October of 2015, the Wisconsin Badgers unveiled new football uniforms tonight in anticipation of the upcoming season and opener at Lambeau Field against LSU.

In a previous press release from UW Athletics, Wisconsin Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez said, “They’re [Under Armour] smart enough to realize that we’re not going to be a school that changes uniforms and helmets every week. We’re beyond that. That’s not us. Yet we’re going to be stylish and we’ll have equipment and a brand that attracts athletes.”

Under Armour revealed the new Wisconsin uniform Thursday evening in addition to new uniforms for Notre Dame and Yale University.

There are few noticeable differences in the new uniform. Under Armour added a white arrow pattern on the sleeves, but other than that the recognizable uniforms remain the same.

The Wisconsin Badgers contract with Under Armour is in place for ten years until 2026-2027.

You can purchase the jerseys now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Bookstore. 

Photo from Wisconsin Football’s Twitter Account